Bryan Cranston Brings Walter White Back From The Dead

Bryan Cranston Brings Walter White Back From The Dead


Why Him?

Who? What?


Why Him? is a holiday comedy that sort of came and went. Bryan Cranston stars as Ned Fleming, an overprotective father whose annual family Christmas gathering threatens to derail when he realizes that his daughter's billionaire boyfriend––James Franco, who somehow found the time to add another film to his already packed schedule––will propose.


If that sounds like a holiday edition of Meet the Parents, then you're right on the money. It's silly, it's fluffy, the actors got paid, and we'll all forget this was released by next month.

What we likely won't forget is the Funny or Die video spoof that this little holiday comedy spawned.

Imagine if Why Him? got sent back for rewrites during production––and that those rewrites resulted in the inimitable Cranston discovering that his daughter is dating Breaking Bad drug kingpin Walter White (otherwise known as the role that catapulted Cranston into the Hollywood stratosphere and snagged him a total of six Emmy Awards).

Cranston would have reason to be worried. After all, he knows Walter White like the back of his hand. Walter White only lied, cheated, stole and killed what seemed like much of the New Mexico population to keep his meth empire intact. (And he put his wife through hell.)


What's a loving father to do?

See for yourself!


H/T: Youtube, IMDB

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