Brain Test Reveals What Type Of Brain You Have


Take This Brain Test To See Which Side Of Your Brain Is Stronger!

There are all sorts of ways to train your brain these days. You have the apps like Lumosity and Cognifit Brain Fitness which use games to target areas of memory, attention, problem solving, flexibility, and speed. You play the games daily, and the app tracks your progress as you go. However, these apps come at a price of about $15 a month. A steep cost when some argue that all these games do is make you better at those specific games.
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If you don't believe in the gaming route, there are meditation apps which promise to help restore your mind. In fact, a Harvard study has shown that an 8-week meditation program significantly increases the gray matter density in your brain. Gray matter in the hippocampus is associated with learning and memory, compassion, self-awareness, and introspection.
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Other things you can do for some mental power are: learning a new language, start memorizing new facts, test yourself on past knowledge, learn to play an instrument, seek out new learning experiences, eat blueberries (something about them grows neurons), exercise, exercise, EXERCISE!
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If you think you have some pretty good mental power, check out this test on the next page. It will give you an idea of whether your left or right brain is more dominant than the other. It's always good to know a little bit more about yourself!   Take a crack at this challenging test. Will you be an attention to detail type, or will you be more of a scatterbrain?