Bo And Sunny Obama Have A Lot To Teach The World

Bo And Sunny Obama Have A Lot To Teach The World


Life after Presidency can be difficult to adjust to. So difficult, in fact, that Barack Obama made an entire video pondering what he might do with his time.

You mean he could literally do anything?


Not everyone struggles to make the transition, though. Take everyone's favorite FDOTUS-es (that's First Dogs Of The United States... feel free to try and sound that out), Bo and Sunny Obama. They don't seem to be having any trouble adjusting to civilian life at all. Then again, they don't have trouble adjusting to anything, really. The pair are notorious for their shenanigans.

Like the time they were totally working, you guys.

Presidential Pet Museum

Or this epic snow battle.

Miss Darcy

The dynamic duo recently celebrated the first day of spring in an adorable and motivational way. See the former FLOTUS's tweet about it next.

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