America’s Journalists Break Tradition In Light Of Trump’s Behavior

America’s Journalists Break Tradition In Light Of Trump’s Behavior


The Trump administration has quickly shown its relative disdain, or at least disinterest, in what they call the "mainstream press."

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In one week, press secretary Sean Spicer has doubled down on President Trump's lies about Inauguration Day attendance and millions of illegal voters contributing to his popular vote loss, and Kellyanne Conway has established the existence of "alternative facts" and threatened to change her relationship with CNN.

And things do not look like they are set to get any better. President Trump has also issued a gag order across the government, freezing social media accounts and stopping the EPA from creating press releases or speaking with the press.

What is a free and independent press to do in this sort of situation?

The answer: band together, and go deeper.

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MuckRock, a non-profit group that is fighting for government transparency has turned to the social media chatting app Slack to help the press hold our government accountable.

On MuckRock's Slack channel there are currently 350+ journalists who are working together and helping each other do everything from finding sources and quotes to submitting FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests, which force the government to furnish requested documents and information to the press for the sake of keeping the public informed.

Michael Morisy, the co-founder of MuckRock said:

"I think making sure the public has access to what the government is up to is more important than ever."

This type of collaboration and cooperation between journalists of different newspapers and websites and television programs is unprecedented, and can be credited to Donald Trump and his administration. Donald Trump and his ilk have shown that they do not intend to be transparent and open with the press. They are much more likely to call them "fake news" and speak directly to their supporters via their own channels, with no focus placed on actual facts or data.

And when governments do that, it pushes the press to turn to investigative journalism in order to find out what is actually going on.

This secret cabal of journalists is drawing strength and support from one another as they prepare for a difficult four (or eight) years.

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The press has been clamoring and threatening the Trump administration that they would band together and begin unifying in order to get the information that they need if the administration will not give it to them.

This is the beginning of that promise. Where it goes from here? We shall see.

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