After Attacking Media For Saying He Lies, Trump Lies Several Times

After Attacking Media For Saying He Lies, Trump Lies Several Times


Trump was back in his natural habitat on Wednesday.

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At a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, President Trump pandered to his enthusiastic base, revving up the crowd with old standards, like calling out "fake news" and deriding Democratic "obstructionists."

What stood out the most, however, were Trump's widely false, or mostly false claims that he proceeded to peddle to his supporters.

At one point, Trump even caught himself, saying, "I have to be a little careful, because they'll say, 'He lied!'"

But that didn't stop him from doing just that.

But for many, it was to be expected:

The Huffington Post broke down five things Trump said during his rally that were incorrect or misleading.

1. That he proposed a new law making sure new immigrants can't collect welfare for five years after they enter the country.

In reality, the law already exists, and was put in place by Bill Clinton in 1996 with those exact terms.

2. That the Paris accord is a binding agreement.

It's not. And Trump even acknowledged that it's not during his speech on June 1 in which he withdrew the U.S., saying, "As of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris accord."


3. That the repeal of the estate tax would help ordinary citizens.

The estate tax, or "death tax" as conservatives call it, only applies to millionaires. Specifically, inheritances that total at least $5.49 million for individuals, and $11 million for couples. Not exactly your average Iowa farmers.

Trump also reasserted his claim that America is one of the highest taxed nations in the world. In various rankings, the U.S. consistently falls in the middle or near the bottom.

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