A Woman Just Dressed Up Like The Monopoly Guy And Trolled A Senate Hearing

A Woman Just Dressed Up Like The Monopoly Guy And Trolled A Senate Hearing

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Rich Uncle Moneybags goes to Washington. Now that is a man who may be able to make things happen. 

A person dressed as the mirror image of the Monopoly icon--black top hat, bushy white mustache, a monocle and suit-- attended the Senate Banking Committee hearing on the Equifax data breach on Wednesday. Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith was oblivious to the character's attendance, even during major photobombing. 

However Twitter noticed. 


Smith was testifying about the data breach that illegally identified personal information for more than 145 million people. His rehearsed remarks were similar to those written for his appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday, where he professed "full responsibility."

The "Monopoly Man" is a member of the protest group (Public Citizen) that wants to shine a light on forced arbitration clauses which are utilized by the financial industry--particularly by big business companies such as Equifax and Wells Fargo-- to limit consumers' ability to take disputes to court.

After making herself a prominent fixture in the gallery "Moneybags" spoke with news outlets outside the courtroom. 

Public Citizen/YouTube.com

Upon notice viewers quickly took to social media to make some levity with the antics of the outrageous photo bomber; who at one point actually begins to dab her moistened brow with cash.

The photos are priceless and the idea was well executed. How she got past security dressed in full garb is inspiring. The jury is out on the fate of Equifax but Public Citizen--Uncle Moneybags-- made their point and it looks like they're far from backing down. 

Big money better watch out. Public Citizen might just be uniting "public citizens" to better publicaly hold these financial institutions accountable. 

H/T : Mashable, USAToday

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