Toddler Has Not-Safe-For-Work Response to Virtual Reality

Toddler Has Not-Safe-For-Work Response to Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Reaction Videos are Fun, But This One Might Just Be Our Favorite

We all love a good VR reaction video like this one or these or even these. You have to admit, though, there's something so pure and perfect about the honest reactions from children that they're just better than adult reaction vids.

As a mom, I know you're not technically supposed to laugh when your kids swear. Allegedly it encourages the behavior by linking it to a positive and joyful response or something along those lines. As a mom, I also know that sometimes there is exactly nothing you can do to not laugh and that swearing toddlers are pure comedy gold.

I see you, supposedly-responsible-adult-in-the-background, and I know that laugh well.


I know those tears, too.


Enjoy these 35 seconds of sweet and sweary perfection and see if you don't end up like the "adult" in the video.


H/T: Mashable, YouTube

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