1 In 3 Americans Don’t Know How They Can Get TV For Free

1 In 3 Americans Don’t Know How They Can Get TV For Free


Nobody has cable any more.  Mostly, millennials use smart TVs and their computers to watch what's airing.


But, we have a secret.  Long ago, in a far, far away kingdom, somebody invented a device that picked up television over airwaves.  That technology is still available for use today.  It's called the antenna.

Apparently we as a generation have long forgotten that TV and radio were once broadcast in much the same fashion.

And millennials, so used to drowning in their own bills, didn't realize that not only was there a cheaper way to get TV: there was a completely FREE way to get TV.

That's not to say it's only millennials who are unaware of this; however, millennials are the oldest generation to grow up largely without the use of broadcast television.  By the time a millennial born in 1990 was old enough to understand what television was, it was running on cable almost exclusively.

So millennials, let's enjoy this newfound freedom while it lasts!

And make sure we never miss a show again.

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