During the pandemic, a lot of people got very comfortable in their routine of working from home.

Now that we are allowed to go back to our regular workplace, it might not be the best decision for everybody.

A lot of people got very used to the comfort and anxiety-free environment that the comfort of their home provides.

For many bloggers, this is nothing new. But what about newbie bloggers who are starting out?

Those who no longer find in-person work appealing should have no shame in engaging with remote work.

But work is very beneficial for the mental well-being of a lot of people who find the pressures of in-person work too overwhelming.

In addition, there are a lot of benefits to working from home such as flexible work hours, saving a lot of time and money, and personal comfort.

This is very beneficial especially if you chose to spend time blogging, or scaling up your online entrepreneurship.


Flexible Hours

Working from home is one of the best options for you if you are not a morning person.

When you blog from home one of the first things that you do not have to worry about is waking up really early to make sure you make it to the office in time.

When you work from home, more often than not, you are responsible for your own hours and can allocate your time however it is most convenient to you.

You also don’t have to adhere to a domineering boss standing over your shoulder at all times making sure you’re being productive.

Remote jobs allow you to have more control over how much you blog and when.

As long as you meet your deadlines, no one is looking over your shoulder. You can finally be fully rested and might give up that urge to drown yourself in coffee every day at 7:30 a.m.

With these flexible hours, there are no major restrictions in your life, meaning you can spend more time with your family perhaps, or friends that you never had time to see before.

Remote work seriously frees up a lot of your time and you can enjoy your hobbies again, or even catch up on that TV show that you’re so far behind on.

Time and Money

As you no longer have to commute every day because you don’t work a traditional 9 to 5, you will find yourself with a lot of extra time.

This is a great opportunity to do the things that you used to constantly push off to the weekends.

With self-employed jobs, you have time to pursue your hobbies, evenly spread out all of your weekly chores, enjoy a nice home-cooked meal, slow down and be with yourself.

You could start working out, remodel a room in your house, go to brunch, or perhaps even try that thing you always wanted to do but never had time for.

When you blog from home, you will no longer feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and come to realize that 24 is actually just right.

I don’t think we actually realize how much money we spend every single day every time we step out of our house.

If you want to go anywhere, it will cost you money. Whether you drive and pay for fuel, or use public transportation and have to pay for tickets/passes, commuting can become excessively costly.

You know that coffee shop right next to your office building, it has become a morning routine to pick up a latte on your way in.

Most of us don’t pack a lunch for the day, so during our break, we always end up buying something from the cafeteria, a restaurant, or the office vending machine. All of these little things add up at the end of each month.

When you blog, say goodbye to the expenditures of commuting, you make your own coffee at home, and all you need to do to eat lunch is open your fridge.  


Does anyone else find corporate wear tight, restrictive, and overall uncomfortable?

Lose the tie and the pencil skirt, because you no longer have to worry about choosing comfort over professional presentation.

When you blog from any environment, you can wear whatever makes you comfortable and nobody cares how it looks.

You also don’t have to sit on an uncomfortable chair at your tiny desk anymore, you have the luxury of a couch or your favorite armchair.

If you want, you can even convert that extra room into a nice office that you have full control over. You no longer have to deal with irritating coworkers, obnoxious supervisors, or any other person for that matter.

While for some of you, this might sound lonely, for those who think this sounds appealing, I would really consider moving to full-time remote work.

Working from home allows you to finally be comfortable not just in what you wear but also in your environment.

Since the pandemic, a lot of people have decided to permanently move their work online as a blogger.

And well not everybody enjoys remote work, if any of the things mentioned above seem appealing to you, I’d give it a try. You never know how it could improve your life and mental health.

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