With the holiday season right around the corner, now’s the time to start shopping for the perfect gifts for your family members. Black Friday is traditionally the kickoff for most people looking to find great deals on must-have items, and this year is no different. Triple monitors are this year’s hottest gift. But why is a laptop screen extender such a great gift, and how do you find the best possible deal?


A Laptop Screen Extender Changes the Paradigm

Why should you give the gift of triple monitors this year? The most important reason is that it can open up new realms of productivity for your recipient. Everyone uses laptops these days. According to Statista, 65% of Americans between 18 and 29, 69% of people 30 to 49, and 68% of people 50 to 64 years of age own a laptop. That’s a huge mix of usage needs, from college students trying to study to real estate professionals putting together online listings for properties and game designers coding their latest creations. They all have something in common: a too-small screen.

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The Mobile Pixel Trio laptop screen extender changes that situation dramatically. Rather than trying to cram every single open app into one small screen, users can spread out their applications across three screens. 

That means programmers can have their main window open but also multiple others, including team chat apps or file-sharing programs. Students can have their work open, reference material up, and their social apps all at the same time. Writers can have their word processing program open, a browser for research, and multiple other windows as necessary. 

It’s hard to think of someone who would not benefit from increased screen real estate on their laptop and the bump in efficiency and productivity that comes with it. 

  • Influencers – Influencers can stay active in the conversation on their social channels while also communicating with brands via email, sorting through photos and videos to use, and creating compelling posts, all while they’re on the go.
  • Gamers – Gamers can benefit from multiple screens, too. Imagine having the game on the center screen while the other two screens hold apps like Discord that allow you to communicate with friends or party members, a web browser with game tips and hacks, and more.
  • Working Professionals – Any professional with a need to be productive while on the go can benefit from a laptop screen extender, too. Financial professionals, executives, salespeople, and product designers can all get their work done faster and more easily without sacrificing the mobility that they need.

It’s not just about more screen real estate and the ability to multitask, though. It’s also about portability and ease of use and how those factors affect your recipient’s life. 

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Once upon a time, you had to carry external monitors with you if needed more than the few meager inches of screen real estate your laptop offered. External monitors are bulky and heavy, and it’s impossible to set them up in some places, like coffee shops or remote work areas with limited desk space. A laptop screen extender does away with those issues, too.

The Mobile Pixel Trio laptop screen extender attaches to the lid of the laptop for easy carrying. That means there’s nothing extra to carry. It also means users don’t need extra desk space to hold an external monitor or two. They get three screens while still needing just enough space to rest their laptop. 

More Affordable Than Ever

Buying a high-quality external monitor is usually expensive, even when there’s a decent sale. However, this Black Friday marks a unique opportunity. You can buy a laptop screen extender for up to 50% off. Plus, there’s no code necessary. It’s never been easier to afford a triple monitor setup with no catches or gimmicks, thanks to Mobile Pixels. 

In Closing

As you can see, a triple monitor setup is a great gift this holiday season. You’re not giving technology; you’re giving the gift of mobility, ease of use, improved productivity, enhanced creativity, and even freedom. And with the chance to save up to 50% on the hottest screen extender on the market, it’s a great time to buy.

With Mobile Pixels, not only do you have the chance to give the gift of freedom and spend dramatically less, but you can choose between different sizes and even opt for a mobility bundle or productivity bundle to help your recipient get the most out of their gift. 

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