How to Enter the Mode?

As usual, start the dishwasher and press the rinse button for cleaning the appliances and then press the start button and then it will start the work if it does not hold any problem. And you need not press the diagnostic button. It may go wrong in many cases because the dishwasher may show the error code in the display.

You need to identify the problem because then only you may know the problem has occurred. Knowing the issues needed to go with the whirlpool dishwasher diagnostic mode will help you adequately find out the problem. Then you will find out the problem in the easiest way; it will show where the error has occurred.

This mode is more helpful to the user in the simple way you may get down the problem without any difficulties. For just diagnostic switch on the button, it is a simple process only.

Why Is the Whirlpool Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode?

Thus this mode is to check out the problem in the dishwasher if any problem occurred. Thus this mode is used to find out the issues in the appliances for resolving the problem. By this method, you may get more details about the problem. It is used to check the error.

If you do not notice does not light blinking on the appliances, this mode will be used. That’s why more people are using this model, and it will be more helpful to people. The main advantage of its identifying the particular error and it will be resolved as per the manner.

If any damages or errors occur in the dishwasher, you may need to replace the parts. Let’s start the diagnostic mode and know the issues that arise in the appliances.

Significant of Whirlpool Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode:

There are several usages while using in this mode. While it is over cleaning process there any problems occur this mode will be more helpful. While you turn on the dishwasher on the respected mode, and then by their sequence, it will find out the machine’s fault and it will be displayed on the screen.

If there does not have a display screen, don’t worry about it. It will be shown out the problem in any other way. The significance of the diagnostic button is found out the issues in a simple manner. If any problem founds out, it will be delivered by some code.

As per manner, you will know what the problem has occurred. This error is display on the LED panel on the front of the dishwasher.

Steps for Entering Into Diagnostic Mode:

There are some more steps to enter into the diagnostic button. Need to go with as per the process of the problem identifying method. There are more steps required to follow them correctly then only you may check out the issues properly. Here is the step to get the error,

Step-1: At the first step, you need to turn on the dishwasher in digital mode by pressing the button. If you have the most advanced machine there, you will see several types of buttons in the appliances. In this panel, thus power button is placed on the right end corner of the panel. Just on the button and go to the other process.

Step-2: If you are power on, there will display several types of programs, and then you need to choose your program; it may be various modes. If you are set to any of the normal processes, you are needed to go with the next mode, which is said to be the cleaning process. In any case, you switch on the diagnostic mode; there is an option to switch the rinse button for washing the dishes.

Step -3: In the center of the problem, you may find out any of the issues; you need to stop it and check out the fault and then correct it as per the manner. For cleaning, the washer needs to close the tap on the dishwasher and start the process. After complete the issues then you will start the mechanism by your way to clean the dishes.

Step-4: After the above process, you need to turn on the button and enter into the diagnostic mode that holds the button for some seconds, and then start over to the process.

Step-5: While you are going to pressing the button, don’t confuse over it. And then close the dishwasher door and then go to the checking process. As per the mode, the process will go, and it will start the testing. Thus any problems have occurred suddenly; the testing will stop their process and spot the error on display. So by this mode, you may quickly find out the problem and easily clear it.

Here is the step to check out the issues in the dishwasher, so make it beneficial.

Error Codes for Finding:

Thus the dishwashers are shown out their error by some types of codes which are in different types. As per the code, you may find out what the problem is in the dishwasher.

Code 1-1: If this code display on the panel, there is a problem with the circuit board. So as per the manner, you need to check out the issues.

Code 1-2: This code indicated thus all flashlights are turned on. Thus the communication problem is not well in the washer. And then, as per the manner, you will clear the issues.

Code 2-1: This code indicated thus the panel is meeting the stuck key. Mostly this problem is not raised by many times. These may be found out in any of the cases. Also, you can efficiently resolve the fault quickly.

Code2-2: If this code is found on the led display, there is a user interface that does not communicate with the electric board, and it will resolve as per the manner.

In any case, you still found any of the code, and you should need to repair or replace the control board. The above code are indicated the problem with the dishwasher.

Benefits of Whirlpool Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode:

Thus by the whirlpool dishwasher diagnostic mode, you may check out the issues. This mode is more helpful to the people for the easiest and simple checking process. And the dishwasher is also more helpful in people’s lives, and it will lessen the work of the people. By this, the individual saves more money.


Here you may gather more information about whirlpool dishwasher diagnostic mode. So widely used the dishwasher and gained the benefits. To detect the problem in the dishwasher, need not spend more money for finding and resolving it. Here is the diagnostic mode for the easiest checking.

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