The 877 area code is an exchange in North America that doesn’t belong to a certain place. Instead, it’s set up as a number for calls that don’t cost anything.


What Is a Free-of-Charge Number?

A toll-free number is a three-digit exchange that people can call for free from a landline. It gets rid of the cost of a long-distance call for someone who wants to call a business outside of their local area. Instead, the person or business that owns the number has to pay for this.

Customer service departments often give out toll-free numbers so that customers can call without being charged. People also see them as a way to make a business look more professional and get customers from a wider area.

What Are the Free-of-Charge Numbers?

There are more toll-free exchanges than just the 877 area code. There are also the 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, and 888 toll-free codes. Every few years, as needed, new toll-free numbers are added to the list. The code 822 is the next number that will be added to the rotation. Even though 811 comes after 822 in the numbering system, it will never be used as a toll-free exchange because it is used for government information lines in some places.

How do I get a number that is free to call?

There are major phone companies that sell toll-free numbers. Check with any phone company that has landline service to get a number.

The Federal Communications Commission is in charge of making rules for toll-free numbers (FCC). Even though the FCC doesn’t give out these numbers, it says that they have to be portable. This means that a business can switch from one provider to another without losing its phone number.

Can you call a toll-free number from another country?

Even though calling a toll-free number is free in the United States and Canada, it may not be free for people calling from other countries. Because international rates and fees apply, there may be a surcharge for making a toll-free call outside of the country. Because international calls cost more, some toll-free providers block them. If you need to call a company from outside the country, it’s best to use a number that doesn’t cost anything.

History of Area Codes

AT&T and Bell Laboratories came up with the first area codes in 1947. The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) gave three-digit area codes to states and other areas based on how many people lived there.

There were 86 area codes at first. In the United States today, there are 335 area codes. 42 more of them are in Canada. There are 25 countries that are part of the NANP at the moment.

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