The “brown chicken, brown cow” joke consists of a seductive farming-related inquiry followed by “brown chicken, brown cow.” For instance, one variant of the joke poses the question, “What are the sexiest farm animals?” Furthermore, the punchline is “brown chicken, brown cow.” This is intended to be humorous since “brown chicken, brown cow” sounds similar to “bow chicka bow wow.”

When spoken rapidly, the phrase “brown chicken, brown cow” sounds like the music from a pornographic film, and it can be applied to a variety of erotic farming situations in order to make a joke. What creatures did Farmer Joe and Farmer Betty see when alone in the barn? The punch line remains unchanged.

The lyric also appears in a song by Trace Adkins. The song depicts the tale of Bobby Joel and Betty, two rural people. After a long day of labouring under the scorching sun, these two individuals enter the hay loft. Despite the need to tend to hay, cows, and corn, the pair removes their work attire in the barn loft, and the chorus of the song hints at what they may be doing: “Singin’ brown chicken, brown cow/ (Ain’t nobody watchin’ except the) / Brown chicken, brown cow / Yeah.”

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