A Path to Avoid Deportation for Some in Houston

A person is deported when they breach the terms of their immigration status. Regardless of whether they are residing on a green card or non-immigrant visa.

You must be wondering whether it is possible for a person to avoid deportation in Houston. According to David Breston, a local Houston immigration lawyer, the answer is yes. Cancellation of removal is one such method where you request the authorities to cancel your deportation under certain terms.

How to Avoid Deportation For Some in Houston?

Deportation can make a huge impact on the victim’s life as it leaves a black mark on your traveling history. On the other hand, no other country will be happy to allow you in their premises with a deported stamp. Cancellation of removal is the best way to avoid deportation but here we will talk about some other ways too.

Fortunately, there are a few suggestions to save yourself from deportation. They are as follows:

Obtain an Immigration Bond

If the Department of Homeland Security is holding the person back, getting an immigration bond can increase your chances of release. What is an immigration bond? It is an amount of money the individual has to pay to the Department of Homeland Security. It is for assurance that once released, they will appear in court to be present in all future court hearings. This method has helped many in getting released from detention and avoid immediate deportation.

File a Petition to Vacate Conviction

Suppose the person has already been pronounced guilty of the crime they committed and is ordered to be deported from the state. In that case, they can avoid deportation by filing an appeal or petition to get the conviction vacated. But, in the same criminal courtroom where the proceeding of the case was executed.

Apply for Permanent Residence

One of the ways to avoid deportation is the person can apply for permanent residence, also known as adjustment status. For instance, if a person’s spouse is a US citizen, then the individual is allowed to apply for permanent residence while the case proceeds.

Apply For Cancellation Of Removal

Has the person applied for a cancellation of removal? Suppose the person has lived in the U.S. for quite a long time or falls under the category of battered spouses. In that case, the situation makes them eligible to apply for removal or cancellation during the deportation process.

Apply for Asylum

If the person is being deported, then they can apply for asylum. Here, the individual has to give valid reasons for his unwillingness to return to his official country.  It might be because of the oppression they might have encountered. They will be ill-treated on the basis of religion, race, politics, national origin, or membership in a specific group.

On the other hand, they must also prove that they possess a positive character and can make independent choices.

Apply for Withholding of Removal

A person can apply for withholding of removal in the situation where it is confirmed that their life is in danger in their native state. It could be based on religion, race, national origin, political opinion, or an active member of a particular social group.

Apply for a Waiver

Suppose an individual’s deportation will cause an immediate relative to suffer severe hardship. In that case, the law will ask the person to show evidence and apply for a waiver. It will take off whatever crime or fraud they have committed.

Arrive as A Child in the U.S.

Sometimes, individuals are brought to the U.S. in childhood who evenattend school here. If this situation applies to the person, then they are eligible to apply for (DACA) Program. This plea might stop your deportation.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

A good thing the Department of Homeland Security has done so far is they have selected a few countries for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Why? Because of unstable conditions in those designated countries. Therefore, if an individual belongs to one of those countries, then they can seek help against deportation due to unsafe conditions in their native land.

Subject to Torture

A person can get their deportation canceled in case their lives are at risk and may be subject to torture in their native land. This must be prompted by a public official or one who holds an equal authority.

Prove Physical Presence

Suppose an individual is not a permanent resident. In that case, they must prove their physical presence in the state for a minimum of ten years prior to the date of application.  Also, bearing a good character during that time and being involved in no criminal activities.

If you need help in avoiding deportation then contact Breston to assist you.

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