What Are the Benefits of Drinking Enough Water?

You’ll get rid of stress and overcome chronic fatigue. Your brain will function more powerfully, and the body will recover faster. Lose weight easily with it. It is the magic panacea that controls your metabolism. WATER!

Therefore, you need to saturate the body with water in time to avoid dehydration. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to control your hydration level is to track your water intake with a mobile app.

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How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

All we know is that drinking 8 cups of water a day is essential to being healthy. However, does our body need that much fluid?

According to the recommendations of NAS (National Academy of Sciences), the total amount of daily fluid intake is:

  • 125 ounces – men (15 cups)
  • 91 ounces – women (11 cups)

It refers to the whole fluid consumed with food. About 20% of the water we get from foods and beverages.

The Amount of Water Is Individual for Each Person and Depends on the Following Factors:

  • age
  • sex
  • weight and height
  • climate
  • season or temperature
  • physical activity during the day
  • health status
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • stress
  • diet
  • etc.

Therefore, the WHO (World Health Organization) Recommends Using the Following Proportion:

  • 0,4-0,5 ounces of water for 1 pound of your weight a day

To ease the control of your daily water intake, use our app. It will calculate the individual amount of fluid and will help to track the volume you’ve drunk during a day.

Reach your water balance goals with us!

Water Intake Tracking Through an App

What could be more effortless than just listening to your body when you are thirsty and drinking enough water? However, calculating and monitoring the daily water balance may seem burdensome. Especially for you, young, active, and busy.

Therefore, an even simpler method is to use water tracking apps. They have the necessary functionality, help to set and adhere to your personal water intake goals.

Our Last App Is Quite Intuitive to Use. It Brings Many Benefits and Makes Your Life Easier Since It:

  • determines your individual need for water per day;
  • sends reminders when you forget to drink;
  • allows keeping track of the amount you have left to drink;
  • shares with you the updates;
  • motivates you to set and achieve goals.

All these features are essential for proper hydration tracking. We are sure that in addition to obtaining the necessary amount of water, you will enjoy using our application.

Tracking Water Intake by Setting Goals and Scheduling It

You understood from aforesaid that for proper monitoring of water balance you need our app. The following two steps are setting goals and creating a personalized plan of water intake.

For example, someone requires saturating the body with water in the morning. Others like to drink small portions during the day.

Therefore, You should create your schedule so that the new habit will gradually be implemented into your life.

Start monitoring your hydration level by determining your daily water intake with the help of Lasta.

Then identify the main goal you want to reach first. For instance, drink water more often / drink in the morning / drink water in small portions during the day, and so on.

Next, try to adjust your future drinking regime to your daily schedule.

Think about the time and conditions when it is most comfortable for you to drink water: in the morning after sleep, at lunch or in the evening, before/after or during a meal, before/after training, at home, at work, on a walk, etc.

Set reminder hours in the notification app and start drinking water.

Don’t force yourself to drink too much. The main thing is that you gradually develop a habit and keep motivated.

How to Stay Motivated?

Once your journey to reaching the goal has begun, there will be many obstacles along the way. One of the most common barriers is the loss of motivation.

To Prevent This, We Offer the Following Solutions:

  • Choose a pretty bottle or favorite cup from which you will enjoy drinking.
  • Regularly visit the Lasta app and review your achievements to be proud of yourself.
  • Do not hurry. Reach your aim gradually. If it is difficult to drink the target amount at once, then try to drink a little more every day than you did yesterday.
  • Don’t be afraid to adjust your goals. After a certain period (5-7 days), you will understand how comfortable you are to drink, according to the schedule you set for yourself initially.
  • Listen more to your body’s needs.
  • Always praise your goal. Whatever the small steps.
  • Remember to set new goals with our app.

The Best Motivation for You Is Yourself!


Water is an essential resource for your fulfilling life.

Monitoring water balance is an important habit that should be present in the daily routine of every human. It will help you to avoid dehydration.

The best way to stay hydrated is by using special lifestyle applications that constantly track your water intake.

One such application is Lasta. It will make your life easier by defining your daily water intake. Also, it’s a dose of motivation for you to move on. Thanks to reminders and demonstrations of your achievements in the app.

Try to set and meet your own health goals with us!

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