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Are you searching out for a source where you can add your Travel Write for us? Are you expecting to have better traffic towards your blog? If yes, this article is going to serve as a great help to you.

Writing up guest post blogs on Travel Write for Us section is something that improves the chances of driving more traffic towards your blog. So, let’s begin the adventure and make some outstanding achievements in your daily blogs.

The best thing about this wonderful platform is that you can easily access a wide range of topics here and that too without making many efforts. Sharing up of information is something that makes every access superb one.

To quickly submit your guest post opportunity, you can email us at

We are here to ensure you to provide better exposure to your blog through different means. We believe in going with the flow and that’s why preferred to choose the latest and most advanced tools to help our customers in the same. We take the help of various social media channels to add up thousands of readers every month.

We are not providing you here a platform to showcase your skills only but will assist you in SEO services as well.

Searching and finding a suitable helpdesk for your website or blog is surely not an easy task to perform. One needs to look forward to various things before making a final commitment. As the technological advancements are going on at a very fast pace, the awareness of people towards the blog and guest posts also have been raised at a quite faster pace. We are here going to provide you some guidelines that you have to follow on for getting your blog accepted here.


Who Can Write for Our Blog?

As the name is describing it well, the blog is absolutely about Travelling only. So, if you are passionate about traveling, love to explore various locations occasionally and are passionate about writing, this blog is going to be a perfect place where you can publish your guest post on.

We are not only admiring here the professionals only but we also appreciate the hard tasks being accomplished by the beginners also. You just have to create a perfect piece of content here to publish on.

Before proceeding further with the process, let me clear you here about a few things. One can’t expect any kind of payment option here as it is going to be a guest post only.

We value and appreciate the tasks being accomplished by our competitors but do not believe in providing our competitors with a platform to grow with us. So, guys! Be prepared with all this before and approach us only if you are willing in posting up a guest post on our blog only.

Why Should You Write for Us?

It is quite obvious to get curious about a product or service especially when it is extremely new in the industry. We just have started our journey with this blog and still have to achieve that renowned name in the industry.

So, it gets quite obvious for everyone to know the reasons why to choose this platform only instead of having other similar ones in the market.

Well, we are serving now as a fast-growing platform that is serving as a great source of information for readers worldwide. We are providing here SEO friendly blogs to our readers that hold on the capability of gaining a wide range of visitors online to it.

We value our readers and owe to provide them high quality, easily readable content only. Moreover, we also keep a check on the data being included therein the content so that our readers could enjoy accurate information only.

If you are passionate about writing and wanted to improve the traffic towards your website, what else can better than choosing a guest post for your blog. It not only will improve your website’s SEO only but also help you in achieving some mindblowing authoritative backlinks also.

If confusions are still buzzing around your head, here are some points that will make the entire process much simpler for you.

Quality Traffic and Instant Exposure to Targeted Audience in Travel Niche

Achieving quality traffic with instant exposure towards the targeted audience is something that serves as a jack for almost every online business. Every online business requires potential customers to have on and that only active traffic can provide you. Your blog needs to get traffic regularly, but do you think that is so simple to acquire on. Surely not always.

Rather than being dependent on a single resource only it is quite efficient to check on the different channels for promoting your business. And this is where a guest post can help you a lot. It is the ultimate source that you can avail for driving more traffic towards your website or business. While writing a guest post makes sure that you are adding quality content here only so that people would get interested in it.

Improve Search Result Rankings and Domain Authority for Your Travel Blog

The other best thing to write a guest blog at Travel for us is that it will help you in improving your search engine result rankings and authority for your domain as well. We use different channels for backlinks where each one is being very carefully selected to give you extreme SEO benefits. Travel for us will provide you the best resource to showcase your content to different search engines and will also help in improving the index over there.

Build Your Online Influence and helps you to Expand your Personal Network in Travel Niche

Adding guest post at Travel for us will help you in building up your online influence very conveniently. It is a way to improve your network without making many efforts. Better will be your content and services, more will you get famous over time. It not only will improve your audience only but also will help you in improving your brand awareness also.

It helps you Increase your Social Media Followers

Another best thing about adding up a guest post at Travel for us is that you will get more social media followers into your account. And that further help you in improving your brand awareness much more.

Types of Content Accepted for Travel Write for Us Submission

If you are interested in adding up your content as a guest post at Travel for Us, make sure it is going to be unique. We believe in uniqueness and freshness and that’s what we are expecting from your side as well.

People have got bored reading up those same lines of segments again and again in modulated format. They want some fresh and unique contents and that’s what we are serving here with the best.

We are serving as a blog only content here, and that’s why promotional and press releases are not acceptable here. Users are free to choose from a wide range of blog niche options for themselves excluding these two from the list.

You are going to present your blog as a guest post here only so make sure that your pitch is matching that level also.

Topic Suggestions for You Travel Write for Us Guest Post

Quality content is something that we are serving at the best here. If you are going to serve your guest post here, we are expecting the same from you as well. Users are free to put on different kinds of related content on Travel for Us segment except for promotional and news releases. Here we are going to serve you with some ideas that you can put on to write different kinds of guest posts on this platform.

Locations you need to explore on

  • Heaven on earth
  • A ride to the adventurous world
  • A dive into the ocean of secrets
  • What’s inside the deep of the ocean
  • What to do and what’s not while traveling to a destination
  • Things to keep in mind while travelling

The above are just some of the suggestions. The world is quite diverse and you can serve with a variety of other traveling blogs over there.

Travel Write for Us Guest Post Guidelines

The guest post includes here should include relevant topics only and should also need to match the criteria and niche of our website.

Make sure the guest post you are about to add here is informative and should do not include any kind of promotional or press release stuff here.

The content you are going to publish here should match the minimum word count of 800 and should not exceed 2000 anyhow. The articles that need to be added here should be well researched and unique for our visitors. Also, make sure that the topic you are choosing is well covered.

If you are using some website as a source, make sure to mention the available link for the same also.

Don’t forget to add the related images and videos for the articles as it helps in improving traffic towards your website. Make sure the images or videos you are adding here are original ones and absolutely from any kind of piracy.

We allow multiple do-follow links here but surely not from our competitors.

The abstract you are going to post as a guest post here should include introduction and conclusion as a requirement. You need to add a summary to prove your argument in the story.

Travel Write for Us Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Accepted Formats: The format is not an issue here. We prefer and accept the majority of the file formats such as World Documents, Google Docs, Dropbox, Powerpoint Presentation and much more.
Point of Submission: Users are free to submit their contents from their email IDs. If you are facing some issue here you can drop your content in the submission corner of our website also. In case you had written your content on Google Docs you can add the link of the same along with your email as well.
Formatting the Post: The content you are going to post as a guest post here should be well formatted. And it should need to include different segments like introduction, conclusion and different related headings and subheadings in a particular format. A list of bullets and points is required wherever required. In case if you have used any source to relate your content, you can easily add the links for the same also.
Editing Information: If you are posting your guest posts here, we do owe the rights of editing information also if required. We usually make editing to remove grammar mistakes or for inappropriate heading segments.
Self-Promo: We support the writers and allow them to submit an author bio in along with your guest post. Users are free to add your introduction along with a link for your website or social media profiles along with your guest post content also.

How to Submit an Article to Us?

If you are interested in adding your article as a guest post here make sure that it is unique and also include all the related information related to that topic.

Proper research is being required to make in so that our readers could get the best and perfect information only.
The requirement of a guest posting pitch is required here. So, make sure that your content includes that also.

If you have followed up the guideline being given above and you have a guest post related to our niche, you are free to submit your article at Travel for Us.

Different checks are being made to check the accuracy of the information and the language of communication and if you fit well to our requirements, the chances are quite higher that your post will get published over here.

To quickly submit your guest post opportunity, you can email us at

Final words

It is all about the brief guideline for approving guest post at Travel for Us. The blog accepts guest posts from the related niche and websites only.

So, make sure that you are fulfilling its criteria before handing over your post. You need to care about the minimum and maximum word count also. Patience is the key to success here.

It might take sometimes two or three days for reviewing your content. So, wait patiently for the results.

The related writers are usually being got informed through related email notifications.

So, what you’re waiting for? shoot us Travel write for us article today!