The cryptocurrency market covers over 2000 assets. All of them differ among themselves in terms of costs, trading volumes, capitalization and recognition.

As an example, it seems that the foremost valuable asset is 42-coin, which has a rate of exchange of about $ 20,000. But it’s not suitable for trading. The most reason this coin isn’t listed on many exchanges is its low liquidity.

Thus, you’ll come to the conclusion that out of about 2,000 assets, only a couple of dozen are literally used for trading. So which cryptocurrency pairs must you trade? A way to choose them correctly?


How to Choose the Simplest Cryptocurrency Pairs to Trade?

All traders enter the market only after a heavy analysis. First, they do a fundamental analysis of several cryptocurrencies so as to pick the asset that may bring the most profit. They then conduct technical analysis to know trends and market behavior.

However, these analyzes aren’t enough to begin trading. You would like to decide on the most effective trading pair. It seems that it’s not difficult, but if you select the incorrect pair, the profit are going to be less, and even losses are possible.

Facts About Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs

First, you would like to search out out which pairs are the foremost popular on most exchanges. As usual, we see lots of orders with the coin to USD pair.

If we speak about cryptocurrency pairs, then the foremost popular are BTC / ETH, USDT / BTC, ETH / LTC and BTC to ETH exchange.

Check the trading volumes of various cryptocurrencies, and so discover if there’s a relationship with other assets.

This is often the most effective thanks to find good trading pairs within the market if you do not want to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

Which Currency Should Be Used Because the Base Currency?

Everyone has heard of Bitcoin. While technically not the most effective cryptocurrency, it’s one in every of the simplest to trade. The thing is, almost everyone wants to shop for it.

This is why Bitcoin is that the best base currency for many transactions. Even Coinmarketcap gives the bitcoin rate of exchange to all or any cryptocurrencies.

BTC is listed on all exchanges, so if it’s in your pair, your chances of getting a trade are dramatically increased.

Ethereum is additionally an honest choice for trading pairs. It’s barely behind Bitcoin in popularity, mainly because of the smart contracts of the Ethereum platform.

Therefore, ETH is in great demand within the world, so you’ll be able to choose a range of cryptocurrencies to exchange it.

The currency USDT became popular only a year ago and is currently one in all the foremost stable.

USDT is employed everywhere the globe because its charge per unit is pegged to USD, but at the identical time it’s all the benefits of a cryptocurrency.

Unsurprisingly, more and more exchanges are listing Tether on their platforms. Today USDT has the very best daily trading volume and one among the very best liquidity levels, so it’s quite possible to settle on it for various pairs.

  • BTC / ETH
  • BTC / USDT
  • ETH / USDT
  • ETH / LTC
  • BTC / LTC

Why Exactly Are They?

Bitcoin is taken into account the foremost important coin for a reason. If you see a rise within the price of BTC, you’ll be able to safely trade for a rise in BTC relative to LTC and ETH.

Because their growth of those three coins is usually correlated with one another. You can wager the autumn of BTC in price against the dollar and make certain that nothing happens to the paired coin.

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