Moving Packing: What Can’t You Do Without?

Moving to a new place can be overwhelming and tiresome right from the start. 

People are often frightened of the amount of work that needs to be done and the necessity for strict organizing and lots of planning. Luckily there are some great companies such as Three Movers and packing services to help.

The latter is very important if you own a bunch of belongings that require extra care while moving.

So, before you begin your preparations, read this article to get some moving packing tips that will help you relocate your things successfully without any worries about possible damage.   

Self-moving or Hiring Pros?

For starters, let’s consider involving professionals in your moving process. Sure, you are available to pack your clothes and kitchen supplies yourself, but is it wise to risk your back moving heavy furniture or a piano?

You need to make the decision about professional help depending on the list of things you need to relocate.

If you own fragile porcelain, art objects, musical instruments, and so on, opt for America’s #1 moving company that has all needed for accurate packing and moving valuable items.

Hiring movers is a good idea, and only because they know how to handle the fragile and heavy stuff. When you count on your friends and family, it may be hard to agree on the time that would be suitable for everyone.

When you opt for qualified help, it’s easier to reconcile the schedule and complete the task in one go. More benefits come when you start contemplating packing materials and other supplies you need to ensure your belongings will survive the road. Moving companies have all necessary to pack everything carefully and relocate safely.

Still, if you don’t have to move massive, heavy, or breakable stuff, it is possible for you to manage the moving yourself. Read further to get some packing hacks for moving that will help you save your time and effort.  

Essential Kit for Moving

If you’ve decided you can manage to move, then consider some tips to make the process less troublesome.

To safely move your stuff from one place to another, you need some basic skills in packing, materials to secure your stuff, and some boxes to put things in. Let’s see what you can’t do without while packing.


Sure, you may use all the boxes you’ve collected in your garage, but check if they are in a suitable condition before using old boxes. It is important they are intact and dry and solid enough to not fall apart being loaded with stuff.

You may consider taking some additional boxes from your local grocery store, but they might appear dirty or infested with insects, and you don’t want to bring this to your new place.

You may buy some new boxes of different sizes to make packing easier and more organized.


You need to seal your boxes with something to keep them together. The packing tape should be strong and resistant to water and temperature changes.

You may buy the proper tape in a hardware store, and rest assured your things will safely remain in the boxes.

Bubble Wrap and Box Fillers

These things are a must if you need to relocate something fragile. You need them to pack fancy tableware, vases, mirrors, and other items that might crack from the slightest impact. You may also use wrinkled paper for less breakable things.

Markers or Tags

You need something to identify the insides of the boxes before you load them on a track and especially when you bring them to the new house. You will save a lot of time if you know where everything goes from the start.

Tips on Choosing the Right Packing

Proper materials to pack your things are important. Packing boxes for moving should be clean and strong to secure what you put in them.

The tape you use is also important as it works as insurance in case something messes with your boxes on the way. But there are some more tips to keep your things safe.

  • Use duct tape to protect mirrors and other glass surfaces. The tape will not only prevent them from breaking into small debris but will help you safely remove sharp splinters in the worst-case scenario.
  • You can use trash bags to pack clothes and use them to amortize a pile of boxes or even use them as box fillers.
  • Transport your gadgets and appliances in their original boxes if you still have them.
  • Look for additional ways to stabilize your boxes in a track.


With our tips and common sense moving should be easy or at least manageable work for you. If you still don’t feel ready to do everything yourself, hire a moving company and make your relocation as stressful as it could possibly be.

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