Are you all set to visit Pakistan and booked PIA tickets for your safe journey? Well! Before visiting any country, it is always better to research their culture and protocols to ensure your safety in the destination country.

In Pakistan, you can see the mountains of Northside, the seashore of South, historical buildings reflecting the richness of Indus Valley Civilization and the Mughal architecture. Primary research work can make your trip memorable and enjoyable.


Get Around the Country.

Planning ahead of your travel is pivotal for two reasons. Firstly you will never mess up with unnecessary delays at the last moment.

Secondly, it is better to join an online travel group that will let you know about all the aspects of that country and provides you with a local guide that can make your trip more adventurous. Also, there are some locations where foreigners need to carry No Objection Certificates, so you need to look for that.

Learn Urdu

Most urban people in Pakistan know English, but it is always good to know some essential words of the local language for a smooth journey. Hence you can enjoy shopping at some local places in Pakistan to collect memories. Knowing the local language will allow you to make friends with many small vendors like vegetable sellers, fruit sellers, etc.

Always Know About Cultural Sensitivities.

The major ethnic groups in Pakistan are Punjabi, Hazara, Pashtun, Baloch, and the ‘Urdu Speaking’ community. Each group has its own culture, food, tradition, and cultural practices.

However, the typical pattern is that most Pakistanis insist on cautious interaction between men and women and usually prefer modest attire.

Pack Your Bag as Per the Weather

In your visit, you will get a chance to experience polar opposites in terms of weather, depending on the place you visit and when you visit. In summers, almost all parts of the country experience scorching heat except the northern region, where you can get relief from the heat.

During winters, the southern part experiences nippy weather, and you will get colder weather while traveling to the northern part of the country. So pack your clothes accordingly.

Always Travel With Cash.

Pakistan still does not entirely rely on paperless transactions as local vendors, and other shops accept payments only in cash. Hence it is always good to keep some money in your pocket, even if you have bank cards.

Exchange your currency before flying, for which you need to research about best money exchangers.

Pakistanis Provide Good Hospitality.

Pakistanis welcome foreign tourists with open hearts and always go the extra mile to make their journey safe and smooth.

Hence, if you are invited for a meal or stay for an entire night, never feel overwhelmed to see them prioritize your needs. The people of this country are amiable for the foreigners.

Know How to Bargain

With the increase in shopping centers, Pakistan is an excellent place to shop if you know how to bargain. Such bargaining skills will allow you to shop more at lower prices. Hence try to spend more time at each shop to bargain. Your local guide can help you with such things and can accompany you to some shops to learn how to bargain.

From local bazaars, you can buy good handicraft items. You can also buy clothes, shawls, nuts, dry fruits, shoes from the market, which are available at cheaper rates.

Carry Photocopies of All the Documents

Ensure you carry photocopies of all the documents as many as you can. There are many places where visitors are supposed to register at many check posts for their security. The persons in charge will be courteous; however, frequent questions can annoy them, but always remember that all such things are for your safety.

Food, Water, and Alcohol

Pakistani people usually prefer spicy food. Always drinking packed water and alcohol has been frowned upon as they follow Islam culture. Some restaurants keep some drinks, and foreign cuisines but such eateries are hard to find in small cities and towns.

So, have you packed all your luggage for the Pakistan trip? Do your homework well before your trip. The above tips will surely help you in your safe journey to this country.

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