Reporting the injury on time is important for your workers’ compensation claim as it can have a major impact on the outcome of the case, including the payout amount. Informing your employer of the injury helps you lay the foundation of your workers’ compensation case. If you fail to report the injury, you can be barred from claiming any workers’ compensation benefits. Here is more on the importance of reporting workplace injuries.


Allows Employers to Meet OSHA Requirements

All employers are required to report workplace injuries and fatalities to OSHA within a specific time frame. For example, if someone suffers a severe injury in the workplace and requires hospitalization or amputation, the employer must report it to OSHA within 24 hours.

Employers can also be required to complete a First Report of Injury Form as per state requirements. Reporting the injury on time allows the employer to take notice of the situation and fulfill the legal requirements set by the state before a workers’ compensation claim is filed.

The employer is responsible for providing the injured employee with the forms required to file a claim and cooperate with the insurance company to proceed with the case.

Helps You Obtain Medical Treatment

Reporting the injury promptly allows you to get better medical treatment. When you inform your employer, they can help you see a doctor from their network to ensure you get the required medical attention on time.

Seeing a doctor after the injury ensures that any latent injuries are diagnosed and treated on time. It also results in medical paperwork that links your injury to the workplace accident. If you fail to report your injury, you may not receive any medical treatment when required. This can create doubts regarding how the injury occurred and lead to a denial of your workers’ compensation claim.

Prevents You From Missing Deadline of Filing a Claim

Every state has a specific timeline on when an injury must be reported to the employer and how soon a workers’ compensation case must be filed after a workplace accident. Reporting the injury quickly ensures that you do not miss the statute of limitations for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Help Establish the Time and Place of the Accident

Many workers’ compensation claims are disputed by insurance companies, and one main reason for that is the case lacks evidence that the injury is work-related. One way to ensure the insurance company does not doubt the cause of your injury and denies your claim is to report the injury immediately. Reporting workplace injuries right after the accident will allow you to document the time and place of the injury.

Aid in Accident Investigation

Reporting a workplace injury on time helps aid in the investigation of the accident. A complete and thorough investigation could help you get your workers’ compensation claim approved on time.

The insurance provider can investigate the case by reviewing any surveillance footage available and interviewing any witnesses to the accident. If you wait to report your injury, important evidence—such as surveillance footage of the accident—can be lost, potentially leading to a denial of workers’ compensation benefits. When employers are informed of workplace injuries promptly, they can take action to protect others from suffering a similar injury at the workplace. Follow this URL to learn more.

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