We live in truly amazing times. With so much technology at our disposal, our ability to enjoy information, entertainment and convenience could only be dreamed of even just 50 years ago.

Whether you’re at work or on-the-go, a plethora of devices and technologies provide efficiency, safety and better health. However, it is in the home where some of the biggest advancements can be seen, heard and felt.

It is crucial to understand just how technology can improve the home environment, whether it be for enjoyment, health or wealth. As such, here are a few great examples of technologies already in use throughout many homes – and that could easily be in yours, too!


Programmable Thermostats

Utility bills are increasing every single year: the cost of energy in particular is growing faster than individual and family incomes. Coupled with the impact that energy use has on both the local and global environments, it shouldn’t be surprising that everybody wants to save on their monthly usage.

Programmable thermostats are arguably one of the simplest tech additions to any home that can save money and improve the home’s environment.

Options from manufacturers such as Honeywell, Nest and ecobee allow homeowners to seamlessly program exact temperatures and times for day and night alike, reducing energy consumption when people are away from the home.

Whether it be setting a lower temperature in the winter while at work or using smart usage patterns that shave off an extra degree of heating and cooling, programmable thermostats can save hundreds of pounds per year on utility costs while ensuring your home is the perfect temperature all year long.

Energy-Conserving Ventilation Systems

Energy use is by far one of the most important aspects of the home environment. You want to feel comfortable while inside the home, but you also want to avoid wasting unnecessary money.

Another great way that this can be accomplished is through the use of energy-conserving ventilation systems. Your home may already even have one without you knowing!

One such example are heat recovery ventilation systems.

These smart home tech solutions utilise existing heat exhaust that would otherwise be wasted in order to preheat incoming air into the home.

During the winter months and in a colder climate, heat recovery ventilation systems can recoup a sizeable amount of utility costs. The units can be completely bypassed in the summer months, avoiding any added strain on cooling.

Energy-conserving ventilation systems – including heat recovery systems – come in many shapes, sizes and formats. To see all of these options that improve the home environment, visit this site.

Smart Home Lighting Systems

Homes now have more lighting systems than ever – from exterior security lights to mood lighting in the bedroom. Ultimately, these systems provide convenience to homeowners, but can often be costly and inefficient.

This is why smart lighting systems for the home are one piece of tech that can dramatically improve the ambiance of your home environment.

A variety of smart home lighting systems are available from companies such as Philips, LIFX and others. You can even purchase tech-savvy lighting bulbs and fixtures that integrate seamlessly with broader home assistants such as those offered by Amazon and Google.

Much like with smart thermostats, these home lighting systems can be automatically programmed to turn on and off at different times during morning, afternoon and evening hours.

Whether you want to ensure outside home lights turn on at sunset or deactivate when you leave a room, these smart tech solutions provide a world of flexibility. Many even offer the ability to adjust the amount of light being emitted, allowing you to further save on utility bills.

Residential Solar Panels

While many may think of the old, outdated forms of renewable energy that once existed, the world is a completely different place these days.

In many places, it is now more affordable long-term to invest in residential solar and wind solutions than to rely on traditional utility companies for energy.

Solar panels and facilities are already responsible for 4% of electricity production in the United Kingdom – and this number is growing rapidly.

While these solutions are initially quite costly, they do save on costs over the years. Additionally, the tech involved in residential solar panel installations can help control energy usage in the summer: roof-based installations lower the roof’s average temperature by around 2 degrees Celsius.

Lower long-term energy costs, cooler summers, energy independence – all backed by a smart localised grid connecting your home to the most abundant energy source available: what’s cooler than that?

Smart All-in-One Home Platforms

What if every device and appliance in your home was connected to a smart grid that allowed for full control from anywhere? Well, homeowners no longer have to wonder: smart all-in-one home platforms exist and can help people make the most of their home environments.

A litany of smart home devices and adapters are now available that integrate with existing home systems such as Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Nest/Home and Apple HomeKit.

These systems allow for the addition of smart tech solutions such as smart locks, cameras, garage openers, energy conservation adapters and entertainment platforms.

Because these platforms allow for full customisation, you can buy exactly which devices are best suited for your home (rather than being required to buy a bunch of accessories you don’t want or need). With full integration into mobile devices via apps, these devices can be accessed, controlled or inspected from virtually anywhere in the world.

Whether it is remotely unlocking the door for a friend or checking on the babysitter from across the country, smart all-in-one platforms are increasingly only limited by the imaginations of homeowners.

Why Improve Your Home with Tech?

Ultimately, the home is the only place in the world where you should have a guarantee to be comfortable. Convenience is important inside the home, and technology can make that a reality.

However, home-based tech can also save you large amounts of money over time, improve the look and feel of your home environment and even make your home a safer place for your family.

With all of these benefits, there simply is no reason not to embrace tech that improves the overall environment of your home!

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