Giving an audition for the theater can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to finding a way to stand out.

Not only are auditions both a learning experience and an opportunity to hire, but it’s a chance to sell yourself to people you don’t know.

This in itself can be a bit nervous. You need to know that you can perform best to attend an acting audition. But, it can seem daunting when you see all the other actors dying for the role as well.

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Here Are Listed Six Strategies That Can Help Make You Memorable When Giving Auditions.

Be Confident

Being afraid can be a factor in degrading you. Seeing someone else in the room and thinking that they might put you in a bad headspace when it comes to auditions.

If you place yourself in the group of “good” people, it can help to set fire to your eyes by fighting to show your strength as an artist.

Also, confidence is what makes a human being, so believe in yourself and your abilities. With enough preparation and practice, you will be as good as anyone else in the room.

Be Prepared

Being prepared in every possible way is sure to make you stand out as a true professional.

Namely: be physically and vocally warm, have your head and resume (plus extra copies), move your sides, get to know the character, understand the tone of the project and script, and who needs to know in the room.

Keep a Positive Outlook

If two people walked into a room, one is confident and focused and the other is suspicious and lacking in enthusiasm, you know which one of the audition panel thinks.

It also shows how you can work within an artist and be a team player. Do not fall short in the audition. Look confident and energetic, no matter what’s going on inside.

You are being watched the minute you walk through the door and sometimes you wait.

Dress Right

Wear something that not only makes you look good and professional but also fits your body type, skin tone, facial features and makes you feel comfortable.

To stand out, add a pop of color, a bright shirt, accessory, makeup, etc.

These can help attract the eye of the panel to you, and if you have another call after the first audition, where you need to make changes (such as dancing to sing), to maintain your appearance Wear the same color.

If you have a dance call before a singing, acting, or interview component (or vice versa), bring an extra change of clothes with you, either neatly or in a suit bag.

Always appear presentable and ready to face the challenges of auditions.

Do Not Expect a Request or Response

Everyone is up for work at the audition. Casting directors are not with you or to direct you. They are looking for the actor they think is right for the part. Have faith in yourself and your performance.

When auditioning, explain the character the way you feel and see the role. Show your unique voice by bringing the script to life. Try to do what the casting directors want to see.

If you have been instructed, use it and respond professionally. But don’t ask for feedback. You are in an audition for a job, not a workshop or acting class.

All you should read before standing in an audition, acting books which can help myriad of skills including acting techniques, auditions, and self-marketing, all of the things that are important to any actor.

The Conclusion

Standing out from the crowd is the key to success in an audition, and there are many ways to do so.

There is a lot of stress on the actors, dancers, and musicians who are auditioning because they are competing for a job, or in some cases, their future in the field.

But auditions are also difficult for casting directors on the other side of the table.

Not only do they have to find the right person for the job, but they also have to see dozens or hundreds of people performing, one after the other, right for hours, some of them not finding what they are looking for.

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