From poorly insulated homes to leaking radiators, there are a variety of ways to see whether your home heating system needs replacing.

You’ll know it’s time to replace an element of your heating system, or even the whole thing when it stops doing its job. Are you shivering even though the thermostat is set on high?

Then it’s time to do a little digging and work out what needs to be repaired, tweaked, or wholly replaced.


What Makes Up Your Home Heating System?

First, let’s look at what the home heating system is. Aside from your radiators, there are other parts of your home that contribute to keeping your home warm.

Of course, your radiators make up the main part of it, but we can also look at the components that create and spread out heat in your home.

This includes your pipe system, boiler, and home insulation.

When any of these components are faulty or damaged, it can affect the heating system as a whole in a variety of ways. Let’s look at some of them.

Your Radiators Are Malfunctioning

Whether your radiators are leaking, not heating up, or only hot in certain areas, then the issue with your heating system is most likely caused by them.

Malfunctioning radiators, depending on the type of issue, will call for one (or more) of the following:

  • You might need to replace a valve
  • You might need to bleed your radiator
  • You might need to get a leak repaired
  • You might need to replace your radiator

Once you’ve identified the issue, you’ll need to get shopping – a little retail therapy is never too bad!

Your Home Just Doesn’t Get Warm Anymore

If your home used to be cozy and warm but nowadays that just isn’t the case, then it’s time to check the whole heating system.

Try bleeding your radiators, getting your boiler serviced, and checking that your home is sufficiently insulated, and you’re sure to find the issue.

It could even be something unexpected such as a hole in your roof, so be thorough.

You Have a Lot of Draughts Coming in

This could be the case for older houses, and draughts may be a part of everyday life in your household.

But if your home has some new draughts coming in, be it from windows or the attic, it indicates that you need some better insulation.

Even if your home doesn’t have new draughts, investing in insulation is a great long term investment for your home, not to mention will save you money and energy too.

Your Heating System Is Making Noise

From your radiators whistling to your boiler making strange chugging noises, if your home heating system is noisy, chances are there’s something wrong with it.

Whilst our homes create symphonies of their own, from the creaking of floorboards to the whirring of appliances, any new or noticeable noises coming from your heating system aren’t a good sign.

If this is the case, then call in a professional to oversee your home’s maintenance.


Get a free renewable energy quote from your local installer.

The UK, for instance, has Free Boiler Grant giving to those who qualify for a replacement of a new boiler under the 2021 Government ECO Scheme.

This means that old and inefficient boiler aged 7 years and above will be replaced with a new A-rated boiler capable of running at no less than 90% efficiency, saving on domestic energy bills.

Not only that it will that cost you less but it will benefit the environment.

All boilers installed are energy efficient thus will protect nature from harsh and pollutant-inducing factors.

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