If the scent of gasoline overpowers the smell of fresh-baked cookies or savory stir fry, it may be time to replace your malfunctioning kitchen stove.

There are different varieties of the kitchen stoves such as traditional gas stoves, built in hob gas stoves, dual fuel range, etc.

A gas cooktop is used to fulfill your basic requirement, built in hob gas stove is a modern version of gas cooktops & for availing the smart features, and dual fuel range comes with an electric oven with cooktops.

There are different pros and cons of each one.

When shopping for a new stove, factor your budget, size preferences, and style ambitions into the equation.

Otherwise, a missed ingredient (aka an overlooked detail, such as manual vs. digital controls or gas vs. electric) could send your shopping experience up in flames.

Today’s popular choices include gas and dual fuel. Before you browse the inventories of online retailers like Goedeker’s and pick out your new stove, you should understand the difference between the two to make an informed choice.

Generally speaking, ranges include the cooktop with several burners, an interior oven, and other chef-friendly features. Over the years, the only options have been single-heat sources like electricity or gas.

However, manufacturers have upped their game recently by adding a new, piping hot alternative: the dual-fuel range. This state-of-the-art appliance is a kitchen renovator’s best-kept secret and can transform any outdated kitchen space.


Dual-fuel Ranges

A dual-fuel range combines a gas flame cooktop with an electric oven. Manufacturers engineered this option, knowing that customers value the control of gas flame on their cooktops and the consistency of electric heat in their oven.

Gas Ranges

Unlike a dual-fuel range, a gas range utilizes gas flame on the stovetop while also harnessing the power of gas to warm the oven.

Though this option has been a suburban-home staple, dual-fuel alternatives have turned heads in the homeowner community.

Gas Vs. Dual-fuel Ranges

When looking at both types of ranges, their cooktops generally look the same, as both models come equipped with gas cooktops.

Consumers typically favor gas flame cooktops because the flames give a visual indication of heat levels. Though electric burners turn red as they heat up, consumers don’t have a firm grasp of the temperature spirals can reach.

Overall, gas cooktops earn their title as the most energy-efficient stovetop money can buy, as the fuel immediately becomes heat. By contrast, electric cooktops lose some efficiency as the electricity becomes heat.

With the quick heat conversion, gas stovetops heat pans quickly, speeding up the cooking process. Not to mention, it’s easy to reduce the heat on a gas burner, while an electric burner takes longer to cool.

Efficient Oven Heat

With so much flexibility, gas stovetops are the favorites of chefs and cooking aficionados. Yet, gas ovens don’t fare as well on the appliance market.

In fact, gas is less efficient in an oven because the flame has to turn on and off to reach desired temperatures.

Electricity is more efficient in the oven because it creates consistent heat for even baking and roasting. Dual fuel ranges offer the best of both worlds, especially when it comes to efficiency and consistency.

Consumers tend to use stovetops more than ovens, so single-fuel gas ranges with gas ovens ensure a job well done. But, for people who enjoy baking and using their ovens, a dual-fuel choice yields more notable benefits.

What Do You Need to Install a Dual-fuel Range?

Most homes have either a gas line or an electric power line for the kitchen ranges. For those homeowners hoping to install a dual-fuel range, you will need both the gas and 208/240-volt electric line.

Usually, it is less expensive to hire an electrician to add the electric line than to hire a plumber to install a gas line. Plumbers typically need to pull permits to connect a new gas line in a kitchen, making for a costly installation process.

Wrap Up

Consumers prefer gas cooktops because of easy, visual heat control, but they also enjoy electric ovens for their consistent heating excellent for baking and roasting.

With the latest dual-fuel range technology that combines the two, you can set fire to either or thinking and enjoy the best of both worlds: savory and sweet, gas and electric.

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