Clothes shopping for another person is not the easiest thing in the world, even if you’re shopping for your significant other. 

A humble t-shirt, though, is one of those rare things anyone can nail if they follow a few simple tips and guidelines. 

Need some help? Keep reading to find out more.


The Fit 

First of all, take into consideration the body shape of your partner. You probably know their size, so you only need to think about whether they would look and feel better in a fitted, regular, or one of the pocket tees by Fresh Clean Threads.

Generally, most muscular guys prefer to show off their gym gains, but it doesn’t mean that skinnier men can’t wear fitted t-shirts too. 

Pay attention to the sleeves (you can even measure his old tees), as they should end at mid-bicep and not go any longer. The only exception is oversized t-shirts.

If you know that your guy would appreciate making their chest look wider, get him a tighter tee, and if they feel self-conscious about the body, you may opt for a loser one.

Lastly, again, unless you’re getting an oversized t-shirt, it should end 

just a few inches below your belt and in no way expose the stomach.

The T-shirt World

Some people (well, actually, most people) think there’s not much difference between tees. Still, we disagree because to look good in a t-shirt, quite a few boxes need to be ticked.

And you want your significant other to look and feel good, don’t you? Before buying a tee, the main things to consider are fit, size, neckline, fabric, and colors. Let’s get to them.

The Fabric

The next important thing is the fabric. You can find a tee from pretty much any material, but, in our humble opinion, you should avoid synthetics like pure polyester or nylon and focus on 100% natural fabrics or blends.

You can never go wrong with a cotton tee, and if your budget allows, we recommend choosing organic or Pima cotton for extra comfort, softness, and breathability.

A pre-shrunk cotton tee is an excellent option if you’re worried about it losing color or shape in the wash.

If you want more stretch, a cotton and polyester blend is an excellent choice as it has both stretchiness and breathability. You should check for options that are affordable, comfortable and stylish.

Besides these fabrics, you can also check out linen tees that are great for warm weather.

The Neckline

Let’s move on to the necklines. The most popular are crewnecks and V-necks, and then you have the Polos and Henleys.

Unless you know what your significant other prefers, you can choose the neckline based on their body shape.

Crewnecks look good on anyone. They make shoulders and chest look broader and are excellent for those with a few extra pounds.

V-necks have an elongating effect, so it’s an excellent choice for shorter guys. However, those with a belly or a very tall frame might not like this style. 

Henleys are beloved by guys proud of their guns, aka hands and chest. This type of tee also is usually made from thinner fabric, so keep that in mind if your guy is a little insecure.

Lastly, Polos may have been reserved for golf clubs only, but now this timeless tee has become ubiquitous. It looks good on everyone and is an excellent rotation change.

The Color

When it comes to colors, go for the ones your partner likes, but if you want to surprise them, opt for something unique yet versatile.

Instead of navy or black, get them a maroon, olive, mustard, or charcoal tee. It will still work with most of their wardrobe yet make their outfits more exciting.

Graphic tees are tricky overall, so unless it’s something minimal, we recommend avoiding them.

Final Thoughts

To find the perfect t-shirt you need a combination of personality and comfort. Therefore, if you like shirts with logos or that are themed for any specific TV show, music artist, or sports team you can find them.

Do not be afraid to show your personality and make your t-shirt to be an expression of yourself. You can checkout some t-shirts from Unlocked Tees.

However, it is also important to make sure that the shirt is comfortable. You should seek materials that do not itch and that are less likely to get sweat stains.

Polyester and cotton are the ones more recommended, especially for the Summer season.

So remember to look for shirts that fit style and comfort together and you will have accomplished the perfect tee choice.

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