The largest state in the U.S. has so much to offer travelers. Some may think Alaska is a cold, dark, and widely unpopulated place, but it’s quite the opposite.

Alaska is overflowing with culture, adventure, and experiences.

There’s not just one good spot in Alaska, either. It’s a state that is full of places to visit and incredible sites to see. Don’t let it get overwhelming, though.

There are a few major hotspots to see and experience on a trip to the Last Frontier.

Traveling in and around Alaska can be a different experience for out-of-towners. The terrain and weather can be a change for people from the lower 48.

More than that, Alaska has laws and regulations that must be followed by everyone in the state — both visitors and residents.

For the family looking to venture into the Last Frontier, make sure you’re up-to-date on the car insurance rates and laws in Alaska before venturing out.


Places to See in Alaska

People who don’t know a lot about the state of Alaska may not be sure how, when, or where to visit. In fact, of the North American travel destinations, Alaska may be one of the last areas people think about.

The truth is, however, that Alaska has many places to see and explore.

From the bustling city to national parks and everything in between, Alaska has a long list of must-see areas that will keep everyone happy and asking for more.

#1 – Anchorage

Anchorage is an interesting place. It’s a highly populated city that sits on the very edge of the wild Alaskan wilderness. It’s the perfect combination of city amenities and untamed wilderness ready and open for anyone to explore.

Visitors can go from hiking trails to shopping in strip malls in a single day. Just because you’re in the city doesn’t mean the wonder of nature is far off.

In fact, a creek winds through downtown Anchorage and is known for trophy-winning salmon.

Anchorage is one of the best presentations of Alaska. The mingling of wild nature and modern, luxury amenities is unlike anything else. It’s a can’t-miss spot.

#2 – Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay is one of multiple national parks and perseveres found in the state of Alaska. Glacier Bay is home to tidewater glaciers and an active habitat for humpback whales. But that’s not all.

Visitors to Glacier Bay can see tons of wildlife creatures in and out of the icy waters. Sea otters, brown and black bears, wolves, moose, and even mountain goats call Glacier Bay home.

Those visitors who want to experience the water and wildlife up close can even explore on kayaks.

#3 – Denali National Park

Denali National Park is probably best known for its namesake mountain, Denali. The mountain itself is 20,237 feet high and is nicknamed “The Great One.

” Many mountaineers have explored its bulk and feel the nickname is more than sufficient.

Denali National Park, on the other hand, offers much more than this stunning behemoth. The park itself is 6 million acres of wild, Alaskan land and is only interrupted by one road.

This 92-mile long road is known simply as “the park road.”

Perhaps most interesting of all, Denali National Park offers visitors the opportunity to hike off trail and truly explore this untouched wilderness.

#4 – The Northern Lights

Maybe the most well-known attraction in Alaska is the phenomena of the Northern Lights. The Northern Light is a solar phenomenon also known as the aurora borealis.

These gorgeous, dancing lights are visible across Alaska, but the undisputed capital is Fairbanks. The show starts in late August but can be seen up to 200 different times.

If you’re looking for something literally out of this world, consider making a trip to Alaska during the later months of the year.

#5 – Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island is the largest island in the Aleutian chain and the second-largest island in the U.S. This island is considered Alaska at its most authentic.

Visitors will love the wilderness, the history, and the beauty of this island. Take time to visit the World War II military batteries and Russian churches, take a hike up a mountain or relax on the chilly beaches.

Kodiak is unlike any other island and well worth the visit.

Alaska and the Rules of the Road

Alaska is a beautiful place, but travel to and around the state can be tricky. The winter months especially can be difficult because of the rougher terrain and inclement weather.

Drivers often struggle in wet, slippery weather which can lead to accidents in the snow.

Outside of the weather aspect, however, there are rules and regulations to abide by while visiting Alaska. Like most states in the U.S., all passengers must wear a seat belt regardless of the type of seat or location in the car.

Make sure you understand the car insurance regulations of Alaska before you explore the beauty it offers.

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