While selecting a ring, some couples prefer to put a spin on a family heirloom, while others ditch the idea of mined diamonds to select something more environmentally friendly.

Exploring new trends allows you to gain inspiration to help you create a piece that your partner can cherish.  

There are so many beautifully designed custom engagement rings out there, but the perfect fit looks different for every person.

There are many factors to consider and options to choose from, and seeing what other people seem to be gravitating towards is a great first step towards uncovering the right option for you.

Here are some of the most popular 2022 engagement trends to watch out for while ring shopping.


Toi et Moi

The French phrase “Toi et Moi” translates to “you and me” in English, and it has become a popular style of engagement rings this year. Most Toi et Moi designs feature two gemstones that sit close to each other, symbolizing two souls merging into one. 

Although designers have customized Toi et Moi rings by using different gemstone pairings, the traditional engagement ring design has a rich history. 

The first Toi et Moi engagement ring was designed by Napoleon Bonaparte, a revolutionary soldier in the French army, in 1796. Napoleon’s family was against the union with his fiancé Josephine de Beauharnais.

Despite the family’s disapproval, they got married, and their love affair became a famous symbol indicating the bond of two souls in the form of a Toi et Moi ring.

This particular engagement ring trend became increasingly popular in 2022 after an American rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, proposed a similar ring to his partner Megan Fox.

The proposal created a buzz on social media after the couple shared a ring video on their Instagram accounts. 

Credit: gpointstudio Via Freepik

Bezel Set 

A bezel-set ring features a slim metal rim that surrounds and secures the center stone, instead of prongs. The setting is very durable and typically gives a more modern look to the finished ring.

Like with many other engagement rings, you can choose a bezel setting with a range of different metals and styles. Customizing a ring with a bezel setting will allow you to determine whether you prefer a full or partial bezel.

A full bezel wraps entirely around the diamond’s girdle, while a partial bezel leaves some areas exposed. Both options are secure, but each bezel setting offers a unique look. 

Many people choose bezel due to its modern look and support for an active lifestyle. Since the setting tightly holds the diamond in place, it’s suitable for people who use their hands frequently and are afraid of damaging or losing their diamond. 

Slim and Dainty

Dainty rings have proven popular to be more than a passing trend. Thin and dainty rings are a top choice for minimalists who don’t want to sacrifice style or maximalists that want space on their fingers for a future ring stack. 

The clean and classic look of a dainty ring leaves the center stone as the showstopper, not competing against a beautiful diamond or gemstone. They complement diamonds of all shapes and are very versatile.

Although dainty rings are often more simple and inspired by classic designs, they have become increasingly popular recently. Depending on your taste, you can customize the ring to match your style and go big or small with the centre stone and change up the cut. 

Celebrities like Justin Bieber increased the popularity of dainty rings by customizing his engagement ring for Hailey Baldwin to fit their design, cut, and style.

By choosing a thin band and upgrading the size of the center stone, they combined a timeless piece with a trendy look.

Credit: prostooleh Via Freepik

Ethical Diamonds

Regardless of the band, more and more couples are now opting for lab-grown diamonds for their engagement. Lab-grown diamonds use technology to replicate the mined diamond growth process.

They possess the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds but are created ethically and are generally lower in cost. 

An International Grown Diamond Association (IDGA) report found that 66 percent of millennials actively shopping for an engagement ring say they will consider a lab-grown diamond, and 23 percent say they will definitely buy a ring with lab-grown diamonds.

Participants also shared that the main purchase driver is getting a large, better quality lab-grown diamond for the same price as a smaller mined diamond.

Although mined diamonds remain a classic choice, as people are becoming more conscious of the environment and aware of lab-grown diamond options, many are opting towards them. 

Select the perfect engagement ring to symbolize your commitment to your partner by gaining inspiration from the latest engagement ring trends.

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