From the very beginning of putting together a task, right up to that satisfying final sign-off on a job well done, managing translation projects can be a stressful endeavor if you’re not fully prepared.

With so much important communication at stake, there’s no room for failure.

So when it comes to managing a successful translation project, it’s all about understanding what’s needed, when it’s needed, and what you’ll need to do to make that happen.

Below are 5 tips to manage a cohesive and stress-free translation project.


Understanding Requirements

Before you do anything else, ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the project.

Doing this will help you to break down a detailed quote for your customers, and help you stay organized with effective planning.

Be sure to keep a sharp eye on the translation deadlines, the word count, and overall file quality.

If you’re the translation project manager, then you’ll need to create your project kit to put together all of the resources, tools, and terms needed for the task, such as a translation management system, an in-depth brief, and any other variables.

Overseeing Each Step

Translation project managers monitor every single step of the task. Not only this, they’re the point of contact between the client and the translation team.

You need to give the client clear deadlines and make sure the translation team understands what’s expected of them.

So whether it’s proofreading, a layout check, or making sure that the source text is clear, you’re the one constant of the project, from concept to that final end customer delivery.

Giving a Comprehensive Brief

Don’t speak in generalities when giving your brief. If you’re translating a document into English, then be sure to specify whether it’s American English or British English.

Explain what the translated text will be used for so the translators can keep it in mind while working. Leave nothing to chance.

What final format does the file need to be in? Include a glossary, a minimum/maximum word count if applicable, and flag up potential obstacles in getting the project finished by the agreed date.

Making the Best of Your Time

Preparation is key in delivering a comprehensive translation project on time, so think of ways to keep the project on track. Is it possible to collect all of the necessary texts in one file in a simple format?

If the source text is littered with supporting visual elements that aren’t needed in the translation process, can you remove them to quicken the process?

Processing a single file is much faster and more cost-effective than having to process several different formats and files, so not only are you making good time, you’re also saving money.

Making Sure the Client Feels Confident

Question every step, from concept to delivery, and make sure you leave no room to fail at providing a professional service.

If you have in-house specialist translators working on a project in that field, be sure to let your clients know to give them peace of mind.

Reassure the client that you have a talented team of translators with a deep understanding of their respective industries, and keep them up to date with each step of the process.

Put these 5 tips into action, and you’ll be prepared to exceed expectations and deliver the perfect translation project.

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