If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you can accumulate a lot of cooking tools and ingredients.

Even kitchens with ample cabinets and counter space can become cluttered when you start buying more spices, baking dishes, pots, and pans.

If you find that it’s becoming more of a challenge to find what you need and don’t have space for prep work in the kitchen, then it might be time for an organization session.

Real estate agents will also tell you that decluttering is a must when selling your home.

With a day of decluttering and by picking up some organizational tools, you’ll have a kitchen that you can more easily work in.



The first step to organizing any room of your home is to reduce clutter. Even the most organized homeowners are likely to have items that they aren’t using and are taking up extra space.

Some common culprits in the kitchen are plastic bags, storage containers, old spices, and chipped mugs and dishes.

Going through your kitchen by category can help you get rid of extras so you can see how much space you have for the items you use every day. If it’s expired, cracked, or you have multiples of the same tool, it’s time to get rid of it.

Assess the Space You Need

Every kitchen has different needs. Home chefs who spend a lot of time baking may benefit from an extra workspace for rolling out dough, or a double-oven to make it easier to craft multiple cookie batches at once.

Some families may have many people in the kitchen at the same time, calling for more workspace for chopping and prep.

Storage needed will also depend on the tools used and bakers may need more storage for mixers and pans. After decluttering it will be easier to see what needs to be stored and figure out where to store it all.

Use Vertical Space

Making room for kitchen supplies means thinking creatively about how you use your space.

Cabinets are an obvious place for storage, but don’t overlook vertical areas such as the backsplash behind your stove and sink.

Vertical can be ideal storage for knives with a magnetic knife holder, or for spices. Shelves can also be added on walls to store cookbooks and other essentials.

Be Smart With Dry Goods

When a kitchen isn’t well-organized it can be a hassle to search for the spices or ingredients you need for a recipe.

It can be easier to keep dry goods accessible by using a bookshelf or other storage cabinet to organize them vertically.

Flour, rice, beans, and even pasta can be placed in glass jars and then labeled. The same goes for spices.

With jars on a shelf, you can grab what you need quickly and free up counter and drawer space for other kitchen items.

Storing spices in this way can also give your kitchen a streamlined look for staging when selling your house.

Even homeowners who don’t love to cook may find that they enjoy the task more when working in an organized kitchen. Giving yourself plenty of storage can help you get there.

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