On the official Snap-on website, snap.com, a dealer and franchise locator is accessible for Snap-on tools; however, the user must complete all relevant fields before to searching. These include answering questions about why they would like to purchase Snap-on tools, followed by a questionnaire seeking contact information such as name, address, and phone number.

After entering all of the essential information in the proper section, the user will be directed to a list of viable Snap-on dealer locations. This page allows the user to select a location. The Snap-on website then forwards all of the essential information to the dealer, who promises to contact the prospective consumer within 48 hours of receiving their inquiry. There is no option on the website for prospective customers to contact a local franchise directly.

There is a dealer finder for Snap-on Industrial Brands at snap-onindustrialbrands.com. This locator requires simply the city and state to generate results.

Snap-on is an American business headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. They both design and produce products for the professional tool user. Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann established the corporation in 1920 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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