Diabetic neuropathy, as can be seen from the name, is a unique complication of diabetes (disease chronic and progressive, where there has been an increase in blood sugar and the absence of insulin in the body).

It can affect both the peripheral nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. This is because diabetic neuropathy can affect one or more nerves.

Generally, this pathology affects the more peripheral portions of the nerves and therefore damages the extremities of the limbs.

It can cause decreased muscle strength, thermal and/or tactile insensitivity, cramps, reduced reflexes, and in extreme cases limb amputations.

This happens because symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, retention, or urinary incontinence, are often traced back to other causes and/or diseases.

These symptoms are often latent or appear mildly for years so as not to cause particular concern, both in the patient and in the doctor.

It must be said that the severity of the pathology can cause both very minor disturbances and very serious damage to the patient’s life.


Treating Diabetic Neuropathy Without Drugs

Treating diabetic neuropathy means, as mentioned above, basically relieving pain, eliminating the cause as much as possible, and trying to prevent further damage to the nerve tissue.

You can rely on neuropathy treatment home remedies and supplements, and the therapy, in this case, can be considered palliative of drugs and has no side effects, the effectiveness will be great!

Natural or herbal remedies can promote the general health of the individual and have mild and temporary effects on inpatient care; unless it is the integration of B vitamins that, as already seen, play a fundamental role in the relationship between diabetes and vitamins.

Herbal Insulin Boosters

Researchers suspect that various herbal ingredients have a positive effect on sugar metabolism and in this way could support diabetes therapy.

Possible reasons for this are the secondary plant substances luteolin and apigenin, which are also contained in carrots and oranges, among other things.

In terms of research, it is believed that these two botanicals could improve the effects of insulin, helping to lower blood sugar levels to healthy levels and improve neuropathy.

Vitamin B Deficiency

Vitamins B1, B6, and B12, and folic acid play an important role in the functioning of the nerves. The intake of these B vitamins is useful for nerve pain.

A deficiency in B vitamins, for example from taking certain medications, can damage the nerves or impair their function and lead to numbness and tingling.

Nervexol – a Natural Medicine to Protect Nerves

Nervexol is the best remedy to treat any kind of neuropathy and contains only rich and safe ingredients. This is the perfect pain relief formula that can relieve from mild pain to chronic nerves pain.

This remedy works on all types of neuropathy pain from tingling, burning sensation, to severe pain.

It is clinically proven to be safe to use as you are not supposed to follow any doctor’s prescription.

It is free from toxic ingredients and contains only natural herbs, vitamins, and oil. For a good result, you must take this medicine for at least two to three months.

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