Corporate catering is the act of providing food to the staff of an organization. Some workplaces offer food to the employees daily, while others serve food on special occasions, such as holidays.

Although offering food to staff isn’t a regular practice that every company follows, it can be highly beneficial in increasing productivity and helping employees stay healthy while feeling appreciated. 

According to a survey, 38 percent of employees don’t feel encouraged to take a lunch break.

However, lunch breaks can create better employees because taking breaks can increase productivity and improve mental well-being.

Providing corporate catering service can encourage staff members to take breaks. How else can corporate catering add value to your workplace?


Motivation to Not Skip Lunch

Many employees don’t feel motivated to take lunch breaks, which could affect their work and mental health.

Providing corporate catering for your staff members may help them feel motivated to take lunch breaks and encourage them to interact with other people. 

Choose a professional caterer with experience working with a diverse range of people. A knowledgeable caterer will provide exceptional catering service and craft a menu that all your employees will enjoy.

A catering company with extensive industry experience will possess the necessary resources to offer a menu that meets your staff’s dietary restrictions and preferences.

Creates Stronger Relationships With Co-workers 

It’s essential for your employees to be friendly with others to encourage better work practices. Close-knit teams are likely to be more productive, which can help your company do better.

When you provide corporate catering, more staff members are likely to join each other for lunch simultaneously, encouraging them to interact.

This can create a pathway for better engagement during working hours as well.

Helping your employees create stronger relationships by encouraging them to share meals can also help them feel more connected at work. This can also motivate employees to come to work and be more productive. 

Boosts Morale & Productivity

Allowing the brain to take a break and stepping away from the desk can help employees recharge.

When you offer corporate catering, they’ll feel more encouraged to move from their desk and join others for lunch. This will improve their food and encourage them to work better when the lunch break is over.

According to Harvard Business Review, what an individual eats affects their productivity.

A study examining people’s food choices revealed that people who consumed more fruits and vegetables were happier, more engaged, and more creative.

So, when you offer a catering service, you can speak with the caterer and determine the types of meals to offer. Your food choices could improve productivity and help employees function better at work.

Allows Staff to Feel Appreciated

When you offer corporate catering in the workplace, your staff members will likely feel appreciated and rewarded.

Making your staff members feel valued will build a strong workplace culture and encourage them to stay with the company for longer.

Employees who don’t feel appreciated may start looking for other jobs, which can be expensive for your company.

The cost of hiring new staff members can be overwhelming as it will require you to invest in the hiring and training process.

Encourages Healthy Eating Habits

When you choose what meals to offer your employees, you can help them form healthy eating habits.

People often purchase junk food or quick meals during lunch breaks as it may seem more straightforward and cheaper.

However, many of these items are high in saturated fat, which can decrease productivity and increase fatigue, as they cause your brain to release the sleepy hormones of serotonin and tryptophan.

When you provide meals through corporate catering, try to choose foods that can fuel the brain and body and stay away from unhealthy items.

When employees get used to healthier eating habits, they may notice an overall improvement in their health, which they will also appreciate in the long run.

Showcases Your Company Culture

Your organization needs to showcase your culture as it defines the nature of the workplace, helps shape values, and creates standards among employers and employees.

According to statistics, company culture directly impacts an employee’s effort, commitment, happiness, and productivity levels.

Paying attention to your employees’ health by offering corporate catering shows that your company possesses a strong company culture.

Reduces Employee Expenses

Purchasing lunch or snacks daily can be expensive, especially if employees work from the office regularly.

When you offer meals or snacks, your employees can save money, allowing them to appreciate the workplace more. This can increase retention, encourage positive behavior, and boost productivity. 

For various reasons, corporate catering can prove to be highly valuable for your workplace.

Work with a professional catering company to determine what items to include in the menu and reward your employees for their hard work!

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