Most hats aren’t foldable or crushable, but unfortunately, many sellers fail to remember this when shipping their products.

Nobody wants to receive crumpled and damaged hats after spending their money.

If they do receive one, it shouldn’t be surprising for them to leave a bad review about their purchase.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to get a five-star review from your customers in your hat shipping.


Packing Your Hat Correctly

Whether you want to ship fedoras or wide-brim hats, knowing how to pack them correctly is always the first step.

Some hats are crushable—they can be folded or rolled and retain their shape when unfolded—while others are not.

Here’s how you pack your hat correctly according to its material.

Cotton and Synthetic Hats

Cotton and synthetic headwear like bucket hats, trapper hats, and baseball caps are super easy to pack.

Unlike a wide-brim hat whose crown typically can’t be damaged, they are crushable headwear that you can effortlessly fit inside a little box.

They’re also cost-efficient in terms of transportation fees because of their box size and weight.

Leather Hats

Leather hats can be pretty complex to pack, given that leather is a luxury material. It’s okay to bend them, but you need to consider that they are shipped more quickly than other hat types.

Otherwise, they will wrinkle, form creases, and be damaged. So, the longer it takes for them to be delivered, the more probable they are to be ruined.

You can also try using treatment sprays that claim to protect your leather even when bent long-term.

These sprays usually shield your hat from dust and moisture too. Do test the efficacy of your spray for better results.

Straw Hats

Boater hats and similar ones made of straw can be tricky to transport—considering the material used is crucial in shipping one.

If it’s pretty stiff, it might not be crushable and can’t be folded or rolled to fit inside a small box.

On the other hand, if it’s indeed crushable, you don’t want to put it inside a box too small to avoid damaging it.

Wool Hats

When shipping wool hats like Homburg and pork pie hats, you have to consider their size and how big their brims are.

If the hat is small, pack it according to the usual small box with some fillers.

Otherwise, you want to ensure that its brim and other accessories are well-protected and won’t get wrinkled.

Picking the Right Shipping Box

In general, you want to use a shipping box appropriate to the size of your hat. Use a bigger box if you have to do a double-take on whether it is crushable or bendable.

Of course, using smaller packaging is understandable if you need to save on shipping costs as long as you can protect its brim, bill, visor, and crown.

Courier and Shipping Costs

Many courier services providers like UPS, DHL, USPS, and FedEx are out there. Typically, you want to work with one that has positive feedback from other clients to ensure the safety of your shipment.

As for shipping costs, it would depend on your box size and requirements in transit time. Some couriers offer same-day deliveries at flat rates if you need to ship the box immediately.

The general rule is that the faster the shipment, the higher the shipping fee. The same goes for the box size.

Get That Much-awaited Five-star Review

Shipping a hat can be complicated and easy at the same time.

Generally, you should consider the right packaging style according to the hat material, pick the correct shipping box, and work with a reliable delivery service.

Get that much-awaited five-star review with these shipping steps we’ve talked about.

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