In the last few years, software development has advanced by leaps and bounds — the industry isn’t going to show any signs of potential slow-down in the future.

And if you are a stakeholder of an ambitious US or Europe-based software development company, then you are undoubtedly facing much fiercer competition than ever. 

There is a real lack of world-class tech talent in the local market. And it’s true that the lion’s share of IT companies is missing qualified people, let’s face it.

That’s why local talent shortage stays among the most widely debated discussions.

So how to scale your business fast and stay ahead of your competitors by creating innovative software that would keep your product sales on the rise (or customer base expanding) — given that the local talent pool is very limited? That’s certainly a challenge.


The Way Ahead in High Hiring Costs & Limited Local Talent Pool

Hiring more in-house software developers seems to be an obvious option. However, the significant hiring costs and growing customer expectations often make it far not appealing (not to say prohibitive).

At the same time, outsourcing your software development can serve only as a temporary solution, at least because collaboration with external vendors is nearly always unsustainable, especially in the longer run.

That’s exactly when offshoring comes into play! Offshore software development is, by far, the best solution for business — and not only for leveraging cost-effective production with improved core competencies.

There are lots of other unique benefits, as a well-trained software team can become a powerful value-adding factor to drive your business.

TOP-5 Benefits of Working with Offshore Software Developers

  • Quick start at a lower cost
    No need to spend much time and effort for vetting, negotiating and handling each potential applicant individually. Now you can simply have a world-class
    offshore software developers, while a company you’re dealing with will do everything for you just as part of their routine operations.
  • Paying a flat fee
    Typically, your project will be delivered under a flat fee. You will never mess up having to deal with numerous timesheets, salaries, etc.
  • Easy performance scaling
    It is a fact that changing the scope of your project with a well-established company would be far easier. Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule, hiring more staff to increase operational capacity becomes a quick thing to do.
  • Greater sustainability
    With general assurances provided by the company, you can feel totally secure — having a properly stacked and fully experienced team through the project duration. Even in case somebody drops out or moves, everything will be quickly brought back to order without getting your
    offshore development team off the rhythm.
  • A dedicated team of yours
    Setting your own culture, with a particular way of doing business to meet your deeply specific project expectations — the right
    offshore software developers can handle all of these, right from the outset.

How to Find World-Class Team and Take the Best Fit

Hiring offshore software developers gives you better access to a wide pool of the rarest tech and IT talent. This time — without the highest rates prevalent across the US and the Europe-based software development regions.

However, to properly build a truly effective team, business stakeholders will have to move through the right process.

So, before you take the first step and consider forging your first world-class offshore development team, there would be just a couple of things for you to know beforehand.

Based on the years of our exceptional experience in the industry, the experts at Mobilunity compiled some key bullets to help company owners and business stakeholders make the shift from in-house to offshore model at least a bit easier. And remember:

  • Finding an offshore development company would be always much simpler than creating your own distributed development team from scratch.
  • The best (and even the most specific!) talents are just out there. But you really must know where to look.
  • The offshore-based recruitment is much the same — but make sure the process has all principal cultural peculiarities taken into account.
  • You should never underestimate the core importance of having a correct team structure — built right from the outset.
  • After all, spending your budget cost-effectively now will make you free from a major headache in the future.

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