Delivering the perfect atmosphere is fundamental to a successful event, whether that means providing excellent customer service, great food, finding the perfect music, or booking a great venue.

Here are some important things to think about when you want to make your event unforgettable.


Know your Demographic

Creating a guest list can be complicated, especially if you are planning a prestigious event and people are vying for invites.

It’s truly up to you who you want to invite but you should consider if you wish to have an adult-only event, a family event, a teen event, or, in general, give some consideration to your demographic.

If you’re having a sophisticated evening that may run late, you need to consider if you want to have children present.

If you’re having a teen event, you don’t want to invite too many chaperones as the teenagers would not be able to enjoy it.

Choose Location Wisely

The location of your event is a huge decision! It goes without saying that when you’re organizing a beach BBQ or a wedding, the locations you consider will vary wildly.

If you’re organizing a trade show, it might be best to have it outdoors in case businesses want to set up large machinery or give demonstrations.

You need to ensure that space will fit all of your guests comfortably with plenty of room for the entertainment you’re providing.

If children will be present, will there be room for them to play and run around together without breaking anything or hurting themselves?

If people are going to drive to your event, will there be enough parking?

There’s a whole host of things you need to take into account to guarantee your venue is perfect for a great event.

Have the Perfect Set Up

Considering your décor when planning an event is very important to achieve success. Will your event be taking place indoors or outdoors?

If your event is outdoors, you might want to consider adding shelter from the elements with a custom printed marquee. This is also a great way to market your brand while providing shelter for your guests.

Using a printed marquee will build brand awareness and grab a crowd’s attention.

Other props for your event could be inflatables, balloons, and even something simple like candles on the tables can add a nice touch.

Depending on your event, you might also need to think about music, lighting, and a dance floor. Getting the music right can be the thin line between running a great event and people not enjoying the evening.

So, consider popular genres of music that’ll fit in well with both your event theme and guest preferences. You could organize a DJ or a live band to perform or make up a playlist if your event is a little lower key.

Have a Give Away

Everyone loves to get a little something for free. Hence, give your guest’s party favors or party bags for children.

If you’re organizing a market, you could give people samples when they’re passing your marquee so they get a taste of your wares.

Raffles and Tombola’s are also a great way to get extra funding at your event or you could do a giveaway at some point, depending on your financial backing to attract more of a crowd.

You could gift tickets to your next event and inadvertently advertise the occasion to the other guests in attendance.

Make sure you have business cards at the event to advertise your brand or a newsletter that people can take so they’ll be aware of who you are and the reasoning behind the occasion.

This way, you can grow your fan-base and become recognizable as a great host.

Ask for Dietary Requirements

It may seem like a minor detail but asking for dietary requirements prior to the event can save you a world of hassle.

When it comes to offering a variety of food options, it pays to be inclusive. Good hosts make everyone feel welcome, which can be done by offering every single invitee the food they can enjoy.

The best events are prepared for all sorts of dietary preferences–from gluten-free to catering for people who have severe nut allergies–which is why it’s always important to ask.

If you’re organizing a large event, you could consider inviting vendors and food vans to set up stalls so your guests have a range of choices and you can provide for everybody.

Hire a Professional

If you’re really struggling to cope with the pressure of hosting, it might be more practical to hire a professional event planner who will have contacts and previous experience to make your event a standout occasion.

Although it is an extra expense to hire a professional, it can be really worthwhile in the long run.

They will take on all of the responsibility and you will be able to dictate what direction you want your event to take without the added stress of organizing it all.

By hiring a professional, you are ensuring that your event will be successful and you may avoid the potential for disaster.

Thank You Messages

It is a small touch but simply thanking your guests for coming or the vendors and venue for their service can be the perfect end to your event.

It is a nice reminder that it was a successful event and will make people want to go to involve more of your projects or work alongside you again.

People respect hosts taking the time to thank them for coming, and a thank you note on someone’s mantelpiece is a great conversation starter about attending an event that was a resounding success.

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