The VPN market is filled with misbelieves and rumors. Many people are of the opinion that VPN usage is illegal and is often used in crimes or hackings. 

Sadly that’s true. But not all of the VPN market is just associated with such dark deeds. VPNs have numerous benefits like security and encryption, anonymous browsing for a good cause by changing IP addresses frequently. Hopefully, most of the people are aware of it already.

But what’s still not revealed is how to choose the best VPN that is suitable for your needs. 

Everyone does have different requirements. Some use it to play games, some use it to open sites that were blocked on their individual IP, and some use it to enter darknet or whatsoever.

Based on differences in requirements, the selection of a perfect VPN can be a real cumbersome task.

There are 300+ different VPNs available in the market now, and the number is actually increasing. So how are you going to find out the most appropriate VPN for your needs?

Given below are 8 tips that may come handy while figuring out what to look for in the most appropriate VPN.


#1. Why do you need a VPN? Figure out that first.

As mentioned earlier, everyone has got different requirements to be fulfilled. If you need the VPN for the entire household, you’ve to look for a router-based VPN instead of others.  

 Fond of movies? Or are you a Netflix-addict? Then a high-speed VPN with unlimited bandwidth and reliable connections is what you should search for.

While if you’re leading a traveler life and have a habit of using public wi-fi networks, you should opt for a VPN with a reliable connection and excellent server and security.

Just for your ease, note all your requirements down on a paper, and you’ll be able to compare it whenever you’re trying to select a VPN.

#2. Each VPN has some specific qualities that they prioritize

You’ve to look for each and every VPN and its features and qualities individually. Every VPN company offers some unique features and prioritizes something. It could be encryption, security, speed, or bandwidth. You need to go through their offerings properly to know what exactly fits your needs. 

For example, if you’re looking for a VPN to stream Netflix or watch movies, then you must look for a VPN company that prioritizes high-speed connection and unlimited bandwidth. For such sole purpose, you can opt for Surfshark VPN who has been providing high speed and encrypted connection.

#3. Compatibility with devices

You should check which devices are compatible with the VPN you’re going to purchase. Though most of the VPNs are readily available in almost every platforms but there are a few who aren’t available everywhere.

Also, some VPN allows connection to unlimited devices like that of Surfshark VPN, while some others restrict the number of devices.

#4. Check for user-friendliness

Especially if you’re buying a VPN for the first time or is a novice about the VPN industry and their functions, it’s better to choose a VPN with easy and straightforward User-Interface and setup protocol. If you search carefully, you can even find some VPNs which offer virtual installation so that you don’t have to worry about being tech-savvy or not.

#5. Number of Locations can be a determining factor

For some VPNs number of locations and servers can play a vital role in the selection. For example, China has very limited internet service. Therefore if you have a VPN that is effective in tackling their censorship and restrictions, it would be helpful for you if you’re going to live or work there.

#6. Don’t Forget the payment plans

Every VPN company has different pricing model and plans as well as offer different ways of payments. The price variation is as per features and subscription length you’re opting for. Also, you might be comfortable in paying via Bitcoins rather than cash or card.

In such cases also, you would have to search for such companies that accept payment in Bitcoins. It’s strongly recommended to stay away from free VPNs. Try using discounts and coupons if prices are getting into your way.

#7. Consider the one having reliable Customer Service

Another critical factor is the presence of an outstanding Customer Service. It’s recommended to choose a VPN provider if it offers 24/7 support. The reason behind considering this is because VPN keeps changing every time. So it’s vital for you to reach out to someone anytime you need assistance.

#8. Look for a Money-Back Guarantee

This is effective in ensuring that you don’t have to hang in with a product that you don’t like. If, in any case, you found the VPN you have chosen to be not the right fit for you, then you can claim the money back, and you should definitely get the money back.

So look for a company that provides you with such a facility.

Final Verdict

Many people can lead you to think that all VPNs offer the same thing, and there is no difference between different companies. Don’t believe in rumors.

Do your own market research and adequate homework before spending your money.

Those, as mentioned earlier, are a few grounds based on which you can select the appropriate VPN you need.

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