Holidays are a time for family, friends and, unfortunately, stress. Whether you’re just going to a friend’s party, or you’re planning on visiting your partner’s parents over Holiday, you’ll probably be visiting someone else’s home as a guest.

If you’ve ever hosted anyone, you’ll know how stressful and overwhelming it can be. Impress your friends and family by going above and beyond as a guest. It is, after all, the perfect way to show some holiday spirit!


#1. Come Bearing Gifts

The first thing you’ll have to do is to come bearing gifts. Whether you’re just visiting for one evening, or for a whole week, bring gifts that will contribute to everyone’s experience. We recommend wrapping your gifts and including a nice card with the gift. It’s much nicer than shoving and bottle of wine into your host’s hands.

Here are some failsafe gift ideas:

  • A nice bottle of wine
  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers
  • Cute, personalized holiday decorations
  • A batch of home baked cookies or mince pies
  • A box of fancy chocolates

If you’re staying for the whole holiday, considering giving something that’s a little more significant, such as useful groceries or a case of wine.

#2. Offer to Help With the Cooking

If you notice your host slaving away in the kitchen, always offer to help. Depending on how well you know them, you can even jump straight in and begin to help without asking.

They are sure to appreciate the extra pair of hands, especially if they’re cooking for a large number of people.

If you arrive too late to help with the cooking, it is sometimes even more helpful to help after the meal. Clearing plates and tidying the kitchen are the sorts of jobs that mean the host will get very little time actually enjoying their own party, so lend a hand and help tidy up.

#3. Offer to Help With the Kids

If you’re attending a large party and the hosts have young children, they may or may not have hired a babysitter to help out. If they haven’t, try to spend a little bit of time keeping the kids entertained before they go to bed.

They’ll enjoy the attention and will love feeling like they are part of the party. Plus, their parents will love that they are distracted and out of trouble.

If you’re staying for a longer period of time, offer to help in a more substantial way. Whether that means taking the kids for a walk or even babysitting them so that their parents can enjoy a meal out alone, they will love the gesture and it’s sure to be incredibly helpful.

#4. Warn Them About Any Dietary Needs

Imagine cooking for hours, slaving away to make an exquisite holiday feast, only to find that one of your guests is a vegetarian or vegan.

If you have any dietary restrictions make sure you let your host know well in advance to avoid being that annoying guest.

#5. Be Extra Polite

No matter how well you know the hosts, it always pays to be polite. This means minding your table manners and speaking politely.

No one wants a loud, obnoxious guest at holiday time. If you remember to be extra polite, you’re also bound to be thinking of others before yourself, which will inevitably make the event much easier for your host.

#6. Don’t Drink Too Much

While holidays are a time for jollity and frivolity, try not to drink so much that you become a burden. Try to keep an eye on your alcohol intake. You know your own limits, so be careful not to overdo it. It would be terrible to wake up the next morning embarrassed by your own behavior.

#7. Say Goodbye to Your Precious Traditions

You may expect your hosts to partake in the same traditions as your family. Whether that’s the food, the way you open presents, the games you play or the wine you drink, you should expect your hosts’ traditions to be different.

While you may be feeling disappointed that you’ll miss your favorite special on TV this year, it’s best practice to bid farewell to your traditions for this year. Letting your hosts do their way will make their Holiday much easier and will keep things tension-free.

#8. Send a Thank You Gift

After you leave, you can still be a great guest. To show your appreciation to your host, send them a nice thank you gift. Using a same-day delivery service like GiftTree is always a great option.

You’ll get to choose between a wide range of gift baskets. These come a variety of price ranges, styles and types. They’ve got wine, flowers, chocolates and even some small, cute gifts.

Because of the variety at GiftTree, you’re bound to find the perfect thing for your host.

Plus, your gift is guaranteed to be more unique that the typical thank you card. Sending a gift basket shows that you really appreciated the effort they made to make their event special.

#9. Host Them Next Time

If you have an opportunity to return the favor later in the season, offer to host them next time. This is an especially important one to remember if they seem to be the go-to holiday hosts.

It will be so nice for them to put their feet up and relax for once rather than being the party planners yet again. Make sure they feel pampered and taken care of for once!


Hosting an event is hard work, but it can be just as hard being a good guest. Remember not to be picky about the food, the music, the activities or the schedule.

Going with the flow and helping when you can will make the day go smoothly and painlessly for your hosts, plus, you’ll probably have a better time yourself!

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