If you have a friend or family member residing in Canada, you’ve probably inquired about postage to that country. Therefore, how many stamps are required to send a letter to Canada? Typically, three standard postage stamps are required to ship a letter to Canada.

Each first-class letter rate stamp, popularly known as a Forever Stamp, will cost 55 cents in 2021. This indicates that the cost of mailing one letter to Canada is around $1.65.

The current United States Postal Service (USPS) charge for first-class mail sent to Canada or Mexico is $1.20. While three Forever Stamps would cover this, you would be spending 45 cents more than necessary. If you wish to save some money, you can purchase four-cent stamps or other lesser denominations to offset the difference without overpaying or using up your Forever Stamps.

Furthermore, you can pay the correct amount if you are willing to ship your letter immediately from the post office. If you frequently send mail to Canada, this may be the most economical alternative.

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