NADP staff must have a Common Access Card to access V23 through the SLDCADA website. To enter their hours for payroll, the employee must first log in to the SLDCADA site using their Common Access Card, then select the “V23 login” option. The SLDCADA website can only be accessed with Internet Explorer.

Only direct supervisors are authorised to provide information and help about access to and use of the SLDCADA website and V23 area. Employees enter their time and attendance data into the system, which is monitored by the command point of contact and the employee’s supervisor. Supervisors have the option to alter employees’ schedules as necessary. It takes between two and three weeks after an employee’s start date to get a Common Access Card; in the interim, time and attendance are handled by supervisors.

New employees are required to keep an eight-hour schedule for one pay period. If an employee is having issues accessing the SLDCADA website or the V23 connection, he should inform his supervisor before attempting to resolve the issue on his own. If the situation cannot be resolved by the supervisor, the employee must contact his local POC.

This technology is just used to track attendance and time. Changes to tax documents and personal information must be changed by the employee in the “MyPay” system, with his supervisor’s approval.

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