To obtain free mailing addresses, visit the Whitepages website to search for a person’s name, then click “View Full Profile” to view that person’s mailing address. If the person or someone he or she lives with is in the Whitepages database, the mailing address should appear while searching for the individual’s profile.

Whitepages is a service that gives company and individual contact information. You can search for their information by name, phone number, location, and address. Follow the steps below to locate a person’s mailing address on the Whitepages website.


On the Whitepages website, select the “People” option.

Whitepages contains a variety of tabs at the top of its website. Click “People” to look for an individual’s mailing address. To look for the contact details of a business, click “Business.”

Enter the individual’s name and location in the respective search bars.

Enter the person’s name and city in the search fields, then click the magnifying glass button.

Find the individual’s name and then click “View Full Profile.”

A list of names must be displayed. If the individual is in the Whitepages database, locate their name and click “View Full Profile.” The mailing address of the individual should be listed on their profile.

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