Companies not paying their employees properly is a common concern around the globe. Often, employees complain that they have not been rewarded appropriately for working overtime and meeting targets for which they were promised a fixed commission. This selfish act by employers is mainly done to boost their profit margin by depriving employees of their rightful pay. If you ever face such a concern, then a wage and hour attorney, with their high level of subject expertise and years of knowledge, can assist in recovering your wages, instilling confidence in your ability to fight for your rights. 

The state and federal laws govern the payment of wages. You might be rightfully entitled to penalties if you have been deprived of your wages. In some states across the USA, employees are also entitled to attorney’s fees and wages for dealing with the negotiation cost. In states like California, employees can also make claims of unfair competition against their employers if they don’t pay proper wages. It isn’t always possible for employees to understand the nitty-gritty of legal regulation. But a professional lawyer can guide you towards the right path, providing the support you need during this challenging time. Let’s see how:


Understanding Wage Claims

You can make a claim for unpaid wages if you have been denied the following by your employer:

  • Minimum wage
  • Wage for “off-the-clock” services
  • Wage for break time as specified under the law
  • Wage for accrued or untaken vacation time
  • Wage for the time when you need to take off or put on safety gears
  • Wage for travel time during normal workday
  • Wage for premium overtime pay (as specified by state or federal law)

Now that you have understood what entitles you to your rightful wages let’s check out the different ways in which an attorney can help you recover the same:

An Employment Lawyer Can Be A Powerful Force Against Bullying Managers

It isn’t uncommon for employees to be met with excuses, denials, and even downright bullying from their bosses while trying to recover unpaid wages. This can be highly frustrating for employees and often causes numerous employees to give up pursuing their rightful wage claims. An employment lawyer can be a formidable force that stands by and fights aggressively against your employers.

Thorough Understanding Of Complex Employment Regulations

Both state and federal laws protect employees’ rights. A lawyer is well-versed in the intricacies of these regulations and can help employees navigate the problematic processes to get a fair settlement. They consider your best interests and work with your employer to resolve your case. These lawyers aren’t afraid to get aggressive if a fair resolution is impossible. 

Can Recover Unpaid Wages & More

Employees work very hard to get the job done. Their employer must pay them rightfully. Doing this helps boost their morale, and the employees feel more enthusiastic about getting more done. But, if your employer hasn’t been obliging to your wage dues, an employment lawyer can help recover the unpaid wages and more dues such as liquidated damages, back wages, unpaid overtime & legal fees. 

Lawyers Possess The Right Level Of Experience

An experienced attorney can be a crucial ally in helping you recover your unpaid wages. While employees think they can take on big corporates single-handedly, things can get demanding. This is why it is recommended for employees to seek legal assistance. An unpaid wages attorney carries the right level of experience and can guide employees in understanding their rights as per the wage and hour laws of the state. They will carefully review your case, look at all the evidence gathered, and help collect more evidence. Next, the lawyers will determine how the employer has violated labor laws by denying your rightful wages.  


A lawyer can assist you in determining whether your employer has violated a state or federal law by denying you a rightful claim to fair wages. They can also give you multiple options to challenge your employer for illegal misconduct. Suing the employer might not always be the most viable alternative. In some states of the US, employees can file a claim with the state labor department against their employer. Next, a hearing is held, which is comparatively cheaper than a lawsuit. Often, the employer may be informally contacted to negotiate a settlement. Working with an employment lawyer can open up such options in front of us so that we can choose the one best aligned with our interests.

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