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Healthcare Write for us – Do you love to explore the world of healthcare with your writing skills? Are you looking for a platform where you can guest post your blogs to get an advantage?

If yes, we are here to serve you with the best. Going further with the details we would like to thank you all for showing up your interest in this wonderful blogging platform.

Submitting your guest posts is going to be an advantage for both of us. We are already in search of some wonderful writers who can contribute with quality writing at our blog in the Healthcare niche.

To quickly submit your guest post opportunity, you can email us at

This is going to be a great opportunity not for you only but will help us in covering a wide range of topics and sharing up new ideas and different information with our readers also.

This blog is going to be a great platform for your getting exposure among thousands of active readers globally. One thing that we would like to guarantee here is growth.

We are currently using different social media channels for improving our SEO and that is going to help indirectly you as well.

We are among one the most successful blogs in the healthcare niche in the market. We don’t allow everyone and anyone to come to our blog and publish their guest posts here. We are quite strict with the submission process prefer to follow a strict guideline for the same.

All those who are willing to publish their guest post at Healthcare Write for Us, just make sure that they are having some quality content with unique topics and are passing the given guidelines perfectly.


Who Can Write for Our Blog?

Healthcare Write for Us is a specified blog that covers a wide range of topics related to the healthcare niche only. Going out of the track is something that we strictly oppose. We are providing here the writing opportunity for all those who have experience in this niche and can provide some quality content in it.

Your contribution matters a lot to us despite the fact whether you are a professional or a beginner writer. The only thing that you have to care about here is the guideline we have mentioned.
Along with all these things, we would also like to mention here that it is a guest post and we are not going to pay any amount for it. We would not publish your content if you are our competitor.

Why Should You Write for Us?

It is very obvious to get curious about a product or service if we are supposed to use that. Healthcare Write for Us is one of the leading healthcare blogs in the industry that is providing great and accurate information to the users through a wide range of SEO friendly blogs.

We are currently reaching out to a wide range of visitors online regularly. We are already having readers from different parts of the world and that adds more in our growth. We believe in delivering high-quality unique content to our readers. Moreover, we also work hard on the information being included in it as well. Research is one of the most important parts of every blogging and we are making our job with utmost perfection. Each of the content being published here is thoroughly researched and includes all of the information that currently readers are looking for.

We will admire the hard work of growing writers and that’s why providing them a platform where they can publish their hard work through guest post blogs.

Guest posting the way to access different authoritative backlinks and that further adds more in improving the SEO of your blog post. Even though how experienced you are in the field of writing, guest posts work tremendously and help you in taking your business to a higher level. While writing up a blog just make sure that you are having some quality content in it so that people could show their interest in it and will try to read your blogs in the future as well. We are sharing here some of the amazing benefits here to introduce you to the wonders of guest posting.

Quality Traffic and Instant Exposure to Targeted Audience in Healthcare Niche

Traffic is one of the major aspects of every online business. The life of a blog or a website depends upon the traffic it is consistently having. Lack of traffic at any stage of blogging can ruin the user experience. So, make sure to work on the SEO part of your blog to extract regular traffic towards it. Guest posting is a very efficient part of blogging that helps in improving the SEO of a blog or website through getting access over the authoritative backlinks. Also, you need to work on the quality of the content as well to grab the attention of more readers towards your blog.

Improve Search Results Rankings and Domain Authority for Your Healthcare Blog

Guest posting is just the right way to increase the search engine authority for your domain name. It improves the backlinks of your blog or website and makes blogging even more happening for you.

The benefits get double if the backlinks are being come from a well-established website or blog. Guest posting is the way to get better exposure to your website and to level up the index of your website at a faster pace.

Build Your Online Influence and helps you to Expand your Personal Network in Healthcare Niche

Guest posting is the way to expose your work among the leading and well-established bloggers of the world of your niche. Each guest posting has its author profile and that helps people knowing in detail about the writer. A well-written content on different websites can help you in improving the growth of your blog or website in a perfect way.

Moreover, not only bloggers but guest posting also helps the audience to know about you and your work and hence further opens up a vast range of opportunities for you.

It helps you Increase your Social Media Followers

If you are currently looking to improve the number of followers of subscribers on your different social media channels, guest posting is going to serve as a great opportunity for you. More will be the number of people searching out you’re through your guest posting, more will be the chances that your social media followers and subscribers will raise especially when you are having high-quality content on it.

Types of Content Accepted for Healthcare Write for Us Submission

Before proceeding further, it would be quite evident for you to know about the main accepts of this blog. We believe in writing up and publishing unique and high-quality content. Rewriting articles or spinning is something that we are strictly against. Any kind of copied or spun article from any website will be rejected very first.
So, if you waiting to publish your content here, make sure that it is about 90% unique and has high-quality content in it only.

We are not providing the writers with a platform to publish any press release or product comparison here. So, be strict that you are not having it.
Users are free to search and write upon a wide range of related articles to the healthcare niche.

Guest pitches with or without having any guest post draft are welcomed here to make the selection process much easier.

Topic Suggestions for You Guest Post

As we have mentioned to you earlier that we put on a great focus on the quality of the content going to be published on our blog. And that is why we are quite sticky with some factors as well. There are no such restrictions over the topics. You can easily search and write upon a wide range of topics from the health care niche. Just check out the suggestions we are providing here to get a better idea.

  • Masters the skills of healthcare and be successful in it
  • 5 Things that you never expect on healthcare
  • 5 Reasons why healthcare is quite common in the USA
  • Skills that you can learn from healthcare

We just have given you suggestions above. There is no need to get strict about it. It’s your choice which topic is going to write on the specified word count. If you still have some confusion, you can check out our blog to get more ideas.

Guest Post Guidelines

The guest posts you are assuming to be published here should strictly follow on the motto of the blog and that is healthcare. Any content other than the healthcare niche is published here. The main goal of the guest post is to provide full and accurate information to our readers and it does not need to include any kind of self-promotional or product promotion here.

The article you are willing to publish here should be not less than that of 800 words whereas the maximum word limit we have selected for the same is 2000.

Only well researched and unique articles will be allowed to publish here. The topic you have chosen for the article should include all the relevant content and one needs to mention the resource name as well if you have any.

Images are videos are needed to be there as they help in grabbing up the reader’s interest in a very effective way. Writers are only allowed to send original pictures in the section. In case if you are about to add any product review, make sure that the images are being used from the official website only.

We allow multiple do follow links and no-follow links on the same guest post. The only thing that we are not acceptable here is the links from our competitors.

Moreover, if required we can provide links for your website or sales page as well.

The conclusion is strictly needed to be there at the end of every guest post and it should need to include a small summary of the article well supporting your argument as well.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Accepted formats: Easy to copy paste formats such as Word Document, PowerPoint Presentation, Google Doc, Dropbox papers, etc are accepted here. While submitting your content makes sure that the file is not protected so that we could easily access it.
Point of Submission: You can easily submit your content through email. People who are currently working on Google Docs can share their links through email as well.
Formatting the Post: The guest post needed to be well formatted and should include introduction and conclusion as necessary parts. Headings and subheadings are also being preferred along with numbering and bullet points wherever required. Writers can provide the links for related portions as well.
Editing Information: One thing that you need to know is that we owe the rights of editing your articles. Any spelling mistake or grammatical errors can spoil one’s experience. We go through in detail before posting up any guest posts at our blog and edit sections wherever required. We can add modifications in the headings or body of the article as well if required.
Self-Promo: Writers can send their author bio along with the guest post. You can add your introduction, links to your website, social media platforms or other services you are offering to grab the attention of readers towards you.

How to Submit an Article to Us?

People can send their guest posts through emails to us. Moreover, they can also take the help of guest post pitching along with content to make the selection process much easier.
We will approach and publish all those contents at our Healthcare Write for Us blog who are following the guidelines.

To quickly submit your guest post opportunity, you can email us at

Final Stroke:

I hope guys you have thoroughly gone through the guidelines for guest posts at Healthcare Write for Us. The number of guest posts requests is very high and we are not able to take all of them. We are quite strict at the quality measures and with our guidelines and only prefer to go with the articles who are passing it.

It might take 3 days for the final revision so you have to wait patiently. We will inform the writers through emails about the same. So, Guys! Enjoy the world of writing with Healthcare Write for Us and improve the traffic towards your website in the easiest way.