You’ve completed your project management certification and got hired. Now what? A project manager is just as good as the software that they use. However, which software should you choose?

However, with a good plan, you can easily filter away the software you least need and settle on one with the right balance of tools and pricing.

Finding the best software for project management is the top priority of every project manager and this guide will list a few features to look for and some examples of software to consider.


Features to Look for in Software for Project Management

Not all software is the same. Some are task-specific whereas others encompass various tasks and avail them in a manner that is convenient to the project manager and the team members.

The most important features to look for are:

Collaboration and Communication

Communication and collaboration go hand in hand, in that for collaboration to be seamless, the software has to have good communication platforms.

The platforms have to have communication systems that can easily integrate within the platform allowing for a swift and easy shift from one system to the next.

This means that two or more people collaborating can easily exchange documents via an Email setup, or a messaging setup that allows unlimited and fast download/upload of documents.

Easy to Navigate

The capacity to navigate between different functions of the software can tell you whether the software will present future problems or not.

This is where cloud-based solutions beats desktop-based ones. With cloud-based software, there is minimal load on your computer’s processing power.

Therefore you can run powerful processes since the cloud infrastructure allows for more RAM functions and better integration with your other computing needs.

The Best Project Management Software in 2022

As project management becomes more decentralized, some software for project-managers have emerged as favorites amongst project managers.

This software may not necessarily be what you would prefer, but they are globally used, and this serves as a testament to their stability and reliability.


Wrike is a favorite among young entrepreneurs and project managers because it is scalable and allows for use amongst multiple devices.

A manager can start working by simply logging into their profile and tracking projects even when they are not in the office. It is one of the best software for managing large projects.

Part of project management is having a platform to share documents and schedule tasks in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. has several templates to choose from, is light and can work across multiple devices and platforms.

More Factors to Consider When Selecting Software

One factor that affects decision-making is cost, and most project managers usually fail to incorporate the cost of the platform and only realize it when its late.

Though the costs of most project management software is reasonable, try and make sure you subscribe a good package and update your payments.

This prevents you from suffering when the subscription eventually expires and you have to source funds immediately.

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