The agricultural industry relies heavily on grain elevators for efficient storage and transportation of crops.

This article examines the top 1 grain elevators in Lamont that excel in capacity, technological advancements, and logistical operations.

Lamont Grain Growers Inc


Address: 823 Main St, Lamont, WA 99017

Call Now: (509) 257-2206


General Info: HISTORY OF LAMONT GRAIN GROWERS, INC The Lamont Grain Growers, Inc was founded January 4, 1930. The organizing board consisted of President J.D. Swannack . Vice President C.W. Shields . Secretary E.A. Melville . Luther Harris, W. H. Dotson, James Kelly and William Cook. On March 31st 1930 First official board of directors were elected. They were President, J.D. Swannack . Vice President James Kelly . Secretary E.A. Melville, C.W. Shields and W.H. Dotson. In January of 1932, Lamont Grain Growers and the Sprague Grain Growers jointly purchased the Revere facilities from North West Dock Elevator Company for $3, 700.00 and in April of that year, the Lamont Grain Growers rented the Lamont Farmers Warehouse in Lamont. On June 15, 1932, Hugh P. Stone was hired as manager. The Lamont Farmers Warehouse in Lamont was purchased in July, 1933, for $11, 000.00. In 1935, a new warehouse was built in Lamont for $7, 500.00, and in 1938 a new warehouse was built at Revere, jointly with Sprague. A 90, 000 bushel crib warehouse was built in Lamont in 1940, at a cost of $12, 800.00. In June of 1947, the Lamont Grain Growers purchased the Sprague Grain Growers half interest in Revere for $7239.11. In 1977, construction of 328, 000 bushel additional storage at Lamont increased concrete elevator handling ability and at this same time as eighty foot outside scale with electronic readout and printer was installed for a total cost of $329, 415.00. The fiftieth anniversary of the Lamont Grain Growers was observed on October 30, 1980 with an annual meeting and dinner for all members. Presiding was William J. Shields, President of the Board of Directors, and son of C.W. Shields, a member of the first elected Board of Directors. A 60, 000 bushel capacity steel tank was put up in the spring of 1981 in Lamont at a cost of $160, 000.00. Brian Madison was hired as manager on January 15, 1990. He resigned as manager on August 8, 1994 to go work for the accounting firm of Leffel, Otis & Warwick, PS. Since his time at the accounting firm he has become a partner and is the accountant Lamont Grain Growers Brian Bezdicek was hired as manager on October 3, 1994 and resigned on January 15, 2001. He then accepted a position with Reardon Grain Growers. In 1997 the Lamont elevator was upgraded with a new distributor and leg system. The mechanical part cost approx. $135.000.00 and the electrical system was approx. $15, 500.00. In 1998 the pit was enlarged to move grain quicker through the new distribution system. Bruce Barnett was hired as manager on January 22, 2001 and resigned on September 20, 2001.

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