The agricultural industry relies heavily on grain elevators for efficient storage and transportation of crops.

This article examines the top 3 grain elevators in Ottawa that excel in capacity, technological advancements, and logistical operations.

Gilboa Elevator Inc

Address: 219 Pearl St, Ottawa, OH 45875

Call Now: (419) 456-3310

Glandorf Feed Co


Address: 300 E Main St, Ottawa, OH 45875

Call Now: (419) 538-6521


General Info: Glandorf Feed Company began when Arthur Inkrott and E.J Meyer purchased a flour mill in 1942 and has grown over the years by becoming involved in the Poultry Industry by building egg laying facilities and supplying the birds and feed. We have also increased our grain yields and expanded our storage capacity numerous times over the year to ensure we are able to meet the areas high demand and supply that is necessary. Glandorf has became involved with the local farmers by supplying the livestock and feed that is heavily needed. Check out our website to check on the current markets and cash bids to keep your farm life up to date.

Northwestern Ohio Grain Co


Address: 12062 Road M10, Ottawa, OH 45875

Call Now: (419) 538-6182

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