Concerns about the environment are in the front of many people’s minds right now. Many people opt to use the services of companies that are renowned for green practices.

However, the use of greenwashing by many, including large corporations, means that things will be scrutinized, and businesses should really undertake these measures for good reasons.

If you are keen to do your bit to help ensure there is a world for future generations, adopt these # green practices immediately.


1. Encourage workers to change their commute

If all your workers travel to your workplace by car, individually, this could have a significant negative impact on the environment. Car sharing has long since been a practice encouraged by many companies.

Additionally, there are many schemes to help workers reduce the costs of bicycles if that is a suitable mode of transport for them.

Furthermore, some companies also encourage employees to use public transport by subsidizing annual rail or bus passes.

2. Reduce Energy and Water Consumption

In most businesses, energy and water usage will be fairly high, particularly so if you employ a large number of people.

Reminding people to do simple things, such as switching off lights and computers, when possible, can make a significant difference to energy usage, saving you money in these trying times as well as helping to reduce the impact your business has on the environment.

Instead of relying on people switching lights off, you may wish to invest in motion-sensor ones next time you are upgrading.

Look at the toilets you have in your workplace too as it is likely you can improve them to reduce the amount of water used per flush.

3. Reduce Consumables

Consumables are likely to cost in more than one way. First, they will be a drain on your business’ resources. Second, they are likely to damage the environment.

You need to ask yourself whether they are necessary or not. In most cases, there will be some things that you cannot get away with not having, like printouts of important documents, for example.

Adopting a greener business practice through managed print services may be exactly what you need, reducing the negative impact you have on the world. It can also help relieve your employees’ frustrations, which might be equally useful!

4. Reconsider Your Suppliers

It’s all well and good employing greener business practices yourself but when you use the services and products from others who do not share the same morals as you do when it comes to the environment, you may as well not be in some ways.

Before using the services or products of a particular supplier, do some research to see whether their practices align with your own.

Their website would be a good place to start as most businesses really emphasize how much they do to support saving the planet from humankind’s behavior.

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