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Cost of Living in Archbold – What Can I Expect?

I’m a long-time Archbold resident who is considering retirement in the next few years. My kids have all moved out, so my spouse and I are looking to potentially downsize from our current 3-bedroom house. I’m curious to get a better sense of what the typical living expenses are like in Archbold these days across different budget levels.

We’ve been pretty comfortable on my income, but want to make sure we have a realistic picture of costs for housing, groceries, utilities, healthcare, entertainment, etc. as we plan for our fixed retirement income. Any insights from fellow Archbold locals about what we can expect to pay for a modest but comfortable lifestyle here? I’d appreciate hearing a range of perspectives.

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FrugalFran @frugalfran
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As someone who has lived in Archbold for over 20 years on a tight budget, I can say the cost of living here is quite reasonable compared to some larger cities, especially if you’re strategic about your expenses. Housing is probably the biggest factor – rent for a decent 1-bedroom apartment downtown runs around $800-$1000 from what I’ve seen. But if you’re open to living a little further out, you can find nice 2-bed places for $600-800.

Groceries are also quite affordable if you stick to basics and take advantage of deals. I probably spend $300-400 per month for two people cooking at home. Utilities like electricity, water, internet seem to average $150-200 per month for a smaller place. Entertainment can be cheap with parks, libraries, community events. The biggest wildcard may be healthcare costs depending on your insurance situation. But overall, a frugal retirement budget of around $2500-3000 per month is very doable here if you’re smart with your money.

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CityLifer92 @citylifer92
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I’d agree that Archbold can be an affordable place to live, but a lot depends on your specific lifestyle. If you want to be in the heart of downtown and take advantage of all the restaurants, bars, cultural amenities etc. then your costs will be on the higher end. A decent 1-bed apartment in the best areas runs $1200-1500 these days, and a 2-bed more like $1600-2000 from what I’ve seen.

Groceries at places like Whole Foods can get pricey if you’re buying organic/premium stuff, probably $600+ per month for two people with that kind of diet. Parking, gas, urban utilities all add up as well. Entertainment is what you make of it – concerts, shows, fancy dinners out can put a big dent in the budget if you’re indulging regularly. But there are also lots of free/cheap community events.

I’d estimate a comfortable downtown lifestyle for a couple runs about $4500-5500 per month after adding it all up. Definitely doable on a solid retirement income, but prepare for some sticker shock compared to living in the suburbs or rural areas around Archbold if an urban experience is what you’re after.

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SoccerMom @soccermom
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As a parent with two kids active in sports and activities, I can share some insight into typical family costs in Archbold. Housing is probably our biggest monthly expense – we rent a decent 3-bedroom house near good schools for around $2200 per month. Groceries for a family of four run us $800-1000 per month even with bargain shopping.

The real budget-killers are things like after-school activities ($300-500 per kid per season for sports/clubs), summer camps, family entertainment like movies/events ($100-200 per week), eating out 1-2 times per week ($200-300). Childcare for our youngest was also a massive expense when they were little – easily $1000+ per month for full-time daycare/preschool.

Archbold has a lot of great family-friendly amenities, but they come at a cost, especially with multiple kids. I’d estimate we spend around $6000-7000 per month total to live a pretty typical middle-class family lifestyle here. Not cheap by any means, but also not totally unaffordable if you have a solid dual-income situation. Just be prepared for the costs of raising kids!

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HealthNutty @healthnutty
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For my household’s priorities and lifestyle, the healthcare costs in Archbold are definitely a major consideration. We try to eat very clean, buy organic whenever possible, and make use of holistic medical treatments and preventative wellness services. These choices do come with a premium pricetag.

Our monthly grocery bill for two people probably averages $800-1000 with all the specialty items we buy. We also pay around $200 per month for a high-end gym membership since we really value access to great fitness facilities and classes. Healthcare is the biggest wildcard – without great insurance, the out-of-pocket costs for functional medicine doctors, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and high-quality supplements could easily run over $1000 per month.

Housing costs are also on the higher side if you want to be in the areas close to the trendier organic markets and yoga studios. We pay around $2200 for a nice 2-bedroom rental in one of those neighborhoods. All that said, the quality of life payoff from our healthy lifestyle is worth it to us. Just be prepared for some premium prices in Archbold if you want to fully embrace certain wellness communities and subcultures here.

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CarGuy @carguy
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As an auto enthusiast living in Archbold, I’ve found that keeping my rides on the road and pursuing my hobbies doesn’t come cheap around here. The real budget-killers for me are gas, maintenance, parking, and insurance costs.

With today’s gas prices, I probably spend around $300-400 per month just in fuel costs between my daily commuter car and weekend fun car. That’s with doing mostly city driving – it really adds up quickly! Parking fees for my apartment complex and hourly/daily rates around town are also a constant drain.

Maintenance and repair costs really depend on the age and make of your car, but even for just basic stuff I usually budget $100-200 per month. My insurance premiums for full coverage on two vehicles are around $200 per month as well.

Apart from car costs, my other big expenses are rent for a 1-bed apartment ($1400 or so) and going out to restaurants, bars, car meets etc. which can easily be $500+ if I’m not careful. Archbold has some great car-centric communities and events which I love, but they don’t come cheap! Just something to keep in mind for fellow automotive addicts.

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TechieBro @techiebro
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For a single tech worker dude, I find Archbold to be a pretty affordable place to live an urban lifestyle without too much sticker shock. Since I don’t have to worry about costs for a family or extras like car ownership, my expenses are fairly streamlined.

I pay around $1600 for a modern 1-bed apartment in a newer building downtown with solid amenities. Rent’s definitely not cheap, but less than other major cities. Groceries and eating out costs are pretty average for one person – maybe $400-500 per month with me cooking about half the time and going out for the other half.

My recreational costs are mostly just streaming services, games, going out to bars/concerts every so often. Probably $200-300 per month for those. utilities/internet/phone bills are just the basic things – $150ish per month.

With a decent tech salary, it’s definitely affordable to live pretty comfortably in the city as a single person. I’d estimate my total living costs at around $2500-3000 per month all-in right now. A bit more if I was into higher-end hobbies or went out to fancy places more regularly. But Archbold has enough affordable options to keep life balanced without breaking the bank if you’re smart about it.

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ArtGirl @artgirl
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Archbold has a really vibrant arts and cultural scene that I just love being immersed in, but it does come with its own set of costs to maintain that lifestyle. As a creative working in the local arts community, my income is modest but I still aim to live centrally to take advantage of all the events, shows, galleries, and cultural amenities.

My rent for a cozy studio apartment in one of the artsier neighborhoods is around $1100 per month, which is pretty typical for that part of town. I probably spend $400-500 per month on groceries, going out to casual neighborhood eateries, and just general living expenses.

Where it realy adds up for me is indulging in the local arts/culture scene. I probably drop at least $200 per month on museum memberships, art show/concert tickets, supporting local makers/artisans, art supplies for my own work, etc. It’s not crazy expensive compared to bigger cities, but it’s still a notable part of my total budget as an artist.

I’d estimate my overall living costs as a single creative worker in Archbold to be around $2000-2500 per month to be fairly comfortable while staying engaged in the local arts world. It’s a charming city for creatives, but be prepared for some lifestyle costs if you want to take full advantage of the cultural amenities!

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GolfLover @golflover
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Archbold is an absolutely fantastic place for golf and an active outdoorsy lifestyle, but just be aware that maintaining those hobbies can put a significant dent in your entertainment budget! There are so many amazing public and private courses within a short drive, not to mention hiking trails, parks, and other outdoor activities.

For me, a major chunk of my monthly costs go towards a golf club membership ($300-500 per month depending on the club) to get priority tee times and full amenities. Even using municipal courses frequently can easily run $100 per month or more once you factor in greens fees, cart rentals, etc.

Equipment is also an ongoing investment between replacing balls, gear, apparel, etc. I’d estimate I spend at least $1000 per year just on those miscellaneous golf goods and accessories. The advantage is playing a lot gets you optimal value from those costs.

Other than that, my regular living expenses like $1500 rent for a nice 2-bed downtown apartment, $400 grocery budget, $200 utilities/subscriptions are pretty middle-of-the-road. But that $500+ per month I spend specifically enabling my golfing obsession really bumps up my total living costs. No regrets though – totally worth it in Archbold’s perfect golf setting!

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GreenThumbGardener @greenthumbgardener
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For gardening and sustainability enthusiasts like me, Archbold has a lot of appeal with its abundant community gardens, farmer’s markets, and generally eco-friendly vibe. That said, maintaining my plant-based, low environmental impact lifestyle does come with its own set of costs.

My rent for a modest but decently-sized 2-bedroom apartment near green spaces is around $1300 per month, which is quite reasonable. Groceries are where things can get pricey if you want high-quality organic/local produce. I probably average $600-800 per month on just food, with a lot of that going towards the farmer’s markets, co-ops, and speciality stores.

I also invest in annual expenses like seeds, gardening tools, supplies for my balcony garden and composting setup. Those hobby costs are probably $500-1000 per year at least. And I opt for green electricity/utilities providers and sustainable services which tacks on an extra $50-100 to those monthly bills.

Overall though, I’m quite pleased with how attainable and affordable a green lifestyle can be in Archbold compared to bigger cities. My total monthly living costs are likely in the $2500-3000 range. A bit more than average, but I see it as an investment in my ethics, health, and the environment.

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PartyAnimal @partyanimal
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I’m a young professional who definitely embraces and takes full advantage of Archbold’s nightlife and social scene, which does tend to come with some elevated costs compared to living more frugally. But in my opinion, it’s totally worth it to live in the center of the action!

My rent for a modern 1-bed apartment in one of the trendier entertainment districts is around $1600 per month. Not cheap, but those areas just hold a premium. Groceries and household expenses are pretty normal for one person – probably $400-500 per month.

Where my costs really spike is the going out, attending concerts/shows, hitting the bars and nightclubs, dining at hot restaurants, etc. I would estimate I easily spend $500-800 per month specifically on that social/nightlife budget depending on what’s going on.

Add in random costs like rides, covercharges, merch, plus occasional shopping splurges at the boutiques and you can easily hit $3000+ per month in total living costs if you’re really indulging the Archbold party scene regularly. It’s an indulgent lifestyle for sure, but I’m at the phase of life where I’m willing to splurge to have all that vibrant energy around me. As long as you budget accordingly, it’s an absolute blast!

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Detailed Price Insights of Abilene, TX

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  • Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course – 30.00 $
  • McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) – 9.00 $
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