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Cost of Living in Allegan: What Should I Expect?

Hi everyone, I’m a long-time resident of Allegan looking to get a sense of how the overall cost of living here compares to other places. I’m thinking of potentially relocating for a new job opportunity, but the affordability of Allegan has always been a major appeal for me. I’d love to hear from others about what they typically spend on housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and entertainment around here. I’m a single guy in my 30s living a pretty modest lifestyle if that provides any useful context. Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide!

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FrugalFoodie @frugalfoodie
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Living in Allegan has been very affordable for me as someone who cooks most meals at home and doesn’t have extravagant tastes. Groceries are quite reasonable – I probably spend $200-$250 per month on food for myself by shopping at Aldi and Meijer. Housing is also a major advantage, with decent 1-bedroom apartments renting for $600-$800 in most areas. Utilities have been typical for the Midwest, maybe $150/month for gas, electric, water. The only splurge I allow myself is eating out 1-2 times per week, which can add $150-$200 to the monthly budget depending on how fancy I get. Overall, Allegan has been very livable for me on a roughly $40k salary.
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ActiveFamily @activefamily
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With 2 kids in elementary school, a working spouse, and an active lifestyle, our costs in Allegan are definitely on the higher end. Housing is our biggest expense at around $1400 for a 3-bed rental. Add around $800 for groceries/household supplies, $300 for utilities, $400 for transportation/gas, $300 for healthcare premiums/copays, $200 for various kids’ activities…it adds up quickly for a family. Entertainment is pricey too if you want to do any traveling, nice dinners out, movies, etc. I’d estimate we spend at least $5000 per month to maintain a comfortable middle-class lifestyle here. The cost of living is reasonable compared to bigger cities, but Allegan isn’t exactly cheap either for families.
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RetiredAndLoving @retiredandloving
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My husband and I have found Allegan to be very affordable, even on our fixed retirement income. We bought our 2-bed condo outright years ago, so just pay around $200/month for the HOA fee which covers most utilities. Other than that, our biggest expenses are groceries ($400-$500/month) since we cook at home, plus healthcare costs of around $300/month with Medicare. We don’t really spend much on transportation besides gas and the occasional car repair. Entertainment is cheap with senior discounts at restaurants, movies, etc. All in all, we’re able to live quite comfortably here for $2000-$2500 per month which would be very difficult in many other areas of the country.
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NativeMillennial @nativemillennial
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As someone born and raised in Allegan, I’ve always felt it struck a good balance between affordable living and having enough amenities/job opportunities to make it feel like an actual city, not just a small town. Housing costs are very reasonable – my partner and I are renting a nice 2-bed apartment downtown for $950, though I know buying is pricier. We spend $400-500 on groceries by shopping sales, $150 on utilities, $300 on car payments/insurance/gas. Healthcare is brutal at $500/month just for the two of us with high-deductible plans. Entertainment gets expensive if you want to go out frequently – $60+ for dinner and drinks, $20 for movies, etc. But overall we’re able to live a comfortable life in our 20s for around $3000/month total.
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Hustler92 @hustler92
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Living costs in Allegan can vary a lot depending on your lifestyle and income level. As a single guy working multiple side hustles on top of my day job, I’ve been able to live here very cheaply at times by keeping things super basic – renting a cheap room, cooking all meals, no car payment, etc. During those periods my total living expenses were $1000 per month or less. These days I live a bit larger in a decent 1-bed apartment ($750), own a used car ($300 for payments/insurance/gas), and spend more on entertainment ($200-300). All-in I probably average $1800-2000 per month at my current lifestyle. The low cost of housing is hugely beneficial though – it would be very tough to get by like this in a bigger city.
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MichKid89 @michkid89
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Allegan has honestly been rough in terms of costs compared to my expectations coming from a smaller town nearby. Housing has been the biggest shocker – I pay $1250 for a pretty basic 2-bed apartment that would likely be $800-900 in other parts of the state. Groceries are reasonable from places like Aldi if you put in the effort. But most other costs seem inflated compared to the more rural areas – $300+ for utilities (internet, electricity, etc.), $200+ for gas/transportation, expensive healthcare, and there goes the budget before any entertainment. My salary of $50k doesn’t go as far here as I hoped. It’s still cheaper than Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo, but Allegan is no hidden gem for affordability either.
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CraftBeerSnob @craftbeersnob
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For my hobbies and tastes, I find the cost of living in Allegan to be very reasonable. Housing is cheap enough that I can afford a decent 2-bed house for under $1000 per month. Utilities are typical. But the best part is how inexpensive it is to indulge my passion for craft beer and local cuisine. There are so many great breweries with $5 pints and solid happy hour food specials. I probably spend $300+ per month just on beer, brewpub meals, etc. But it’s an affordable luxury compared to bigger beer cities. My only complaint is the mediocre selection and high prices for quality cheese/charcuterie at most grocers. But I’m mostly just thrilled I can financially sustain my beer habits here.
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SoccerMom433 @soccermom433
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With three kids active in various sports, the costs can really add up for our family of 5 in Allegan. We’re paying around $1500 for a 4-bedroom rental house, which seemed high to me until I looked at prices in surrounding areas. Groceries are at least $1000 per month to feed everyone. Car costs for gas, maintenance, insurance on two vehicles is $600+. Pay-to-play fees for all the sports is a constant drain. Entertainment is pricey too between dining out, activities, etc. I’d estimate we spend at least $5500-6000 per month to give our kids those opportunities while maintaining a decent middle-class lifestyle. The housing costs in particular were an unpleasant surprise moving here.
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NewHomeOwner @newhomeowner
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My husband and I just bought our first home here in Allegan and the costs have been a huge adjustment. The mortgage itself is very affordable at $1200 for a cute 3-bed house. But then you tack on home insurance, property taxes, utilities for the larger home, lawn care…it adds up so quickly! We’re spending close to $2000 per month just on home-related costs. Groceries for the two of us run $500-600. Add another $400 for car payments, gas, insurance. Healthcare premiums through work are another $350. It’s been eye-opening how the little things really inflate your monthly expenses as a new homeowner. We’re easily spending $3500-4000 per month for a decent life in Allegan.
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MinimalistMover @minimalistmover
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I recently moved to Allegan from a much more expensive city, so the cost of living here has been a huge relief for my minimalist lifestyle. I’m renting a small studio for just $575 including most utilities. Groceries are very cheap if you stick to basics like rice, beans, produce from Aldi. I probably spend $150-200 per month on food. No car payment or insurance since I bike/take the bus. Healthcare is my biggest expense at $250 per month for a high-deductible plan. I sustain myself comfortably for under $1200 per month here, which would have been impossible in my previous city. As long as you keep things simple, Allegan can be incredibly affordable.
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Detailed Price Insights of Abilene, TX

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  • Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate – 6.46
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