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Cost of Living in Attleboro – Input from Long-Time Residents?

Hi all, I’ve lived in Attleboro for over 20 years, and I’m curious to hear from others about their experiences with the cost of living here. As a long-time resident raising a family, I’ve found some aspects to be quite affordable while others are on the pricier side. What has your experience been with housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and entertainment costs in Attleboro? I’d love to hear a range of perspectives from single folks to families with different incomes and lifestyles. Let me know your thoughts!

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ThriftyTim @thriftytim
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Coming from a single guy living downtown, I find Attleboro to be relatively affordable overall. My one-bedroom apartment runs me around $1300, which is decent for the area. Groceries at places like Market Basket are reasonable – I probably spend $300-400 per month on food. Utilities like electricity tend to be pricey though, maybe $150-200 in the summer months for my small place. Getting around without a car is possible but not always convenient – the bus system could be better. Healthcare is average, nothing too crazy. The biggest costs for me are going out – a dinner for two can easily run $60-80 with a couple drinks. But there are also inexpensive options like grabbing a slice or going to one of the breweries. Overall, not a bad place for the money if you’re pretty low maintenance like me.
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FamilyFIRE @familyfire
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As a family of four with two young kids, we’ve found the costs in Attleboro to be a bit of a mixed bag. Housing is likely our biggest expense – we pay around $2200 for a decent 3-bedroom apartment a few miles outside of downtown. Groceries are fairly reasonable if you stick to places like Market Basket and stock up on sales. Utilities are on the higher side, probably $300-400 per month for our place. Healthcare is also pricey, even with insurance through my job. We easily spend a few thousand per year on out-of-pocket costs. Getting around with two cars is costly between insurance, gas, and maintenance. Entertainment is where we try to save – the kids have free activities through school/parks, and we stick to reasonably priced family restaurants when we go out. It’s not an ultra low cost of living area, but we make it work on around $120K household income. Proper budgeting is key!
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BillFromTheHill @billfromthehill
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I retired about 5 years ago after spending my whole career in Attleboro. Looking back, I’d say the costs were pretty average for Massachusetts, maybe slightly lower than some other towns closer to Boston. Housing has definitely gone up a lot – my 3-bed ranch home would probably fetch $400K+ now. But I paid way less back in the 80s when I bought it. Utilities were always relatively high, probably $300+ per month even back then to heat the old place. Groceries were never too bad, especially sticking to places like Market Basket. I had decent health insurance from my job, so medical costs were manageable. These days, property taxes are my biggest monthly expense at around $600. I’m frugal but still spend $400 on groceries, $150 for cable/internet, $200 for utilities. It adds up for a single retired guy! But overall, Attleboro has been an affordable place to live compared to pricier Boston suburbs. Not cheap by any means, but not outrageous either if you’re smart with your money.
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CarolineRN @carolinern
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As a nurse living in Attleboro, I’d say the costs are pretty average for the area – not cheap, but not overly expensive either. My one bedroom apartment downtown runs $1500 after a recent rent hike. Groceries aren’t too bad if you go to Market Basket and stock up, probably $250-300 per month for me. Utilities like electricity tend to be on the higher side at $150-200 in summer. I don’t have a car, so I spend $50-60 monthly on an RIPTA bus pass. That’s manageable but the bus system could definitely be improved. Healthcare is decent with my employer insurance, though I do have to pay higher premiums. I stick to affordable places like Chipotle and beers at the local breweries for going out. It works for my single income around $65K, but I have to budget carefully for things like traveling. Attleboro isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s livable if you’re smart about it.
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MovingToAttleboro @movingtoattleboro
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My family and I are moving to Attleboro in a few months, so this thread is very helpful for setting expectations! From what I can tell, housing will likely be our biggest monthly expense coming from out-of-state. We’re looking at $2000+ for a decent 3-bed rental to start. Utilities sound like they can be pricey too ($300-400 range?). I work remotely so transportation won’t be a big factor. We are a bit concerned about the costs for child care/preschool and healthcare though. Does anyone have insight into those areas? We’re expecting a baby soon as well, which will increase our household expenses. Our current combined income is around $130K, but we’ll be aiming to keep overall costs below $5K per month to have a comfortable lifestyle and save for the future. Would love to hear if others think that’s reasonable for Attleboro!
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DeanTheTeen @deantheteen
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As a teenager still living at home, I don’t have too many major expenses in Attleboro yet. My parents cover the bigger costs like the mortgage on our 3-bed house ($2500 or so) and utilities ($400+). From my part-time jobs, I probably spend $100 per month on gas, $50 for my cheap phone plan, and $200 for going out/entertainment stuff. That’s manageable with my income, but I can see costs shooting up a lot once I’m living independently. Housing will be the biggest factor – I can’t imagine affording $1500+ for a one-bedroom here anytime soon. Healthcare and transportation would be new major expenses too. Attleboro isn’t cheap but doesn’t seem outrageously expensive if you’re strategic about rent/housing and don’t go too crazy on extras. My friends and I are all planning to get roommates to split costs once we move out after college.
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BasicBillionaire @basicbillionaire
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As someone with a very high net worth, I clearly don’t need to worry too much about costs in Attleboro. That said, I’ve found the town to be quite livable even for the ultra-wealthy like myself. My massive 8-bed mansion set me back only $3 million – a steal compared to tonier Boston suburbs! The property taxes are steep at $50K annually, but a drop in the bucket for me. Other living costs like utilities, groceries from Whole Foods, housekeepers, landscapers, etc. probably run me $20K per month in total. Entertainment-wise, my premier country club membership is $100K per year but gives me access to all the amenities I need. We take plenty of local jaunts into Boston too. And surprisingly, Attleboro has some great high-end shopping and dining options to satisfy my tastes. All in all, a very affordable place to enjoy my lucrative lifestyle.
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StarterSalarySarah @startersalarysarah
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As a recent college grad just starting my career, Attleboro is definitely on the pricier side for my modest income. I make around $50K per year, and rent alone eats up over 40% of my take-home pay (paying $1400 for a simple one-bedroom). Couple that with $150 or so for utilities, $250 for groceries, $80 for my phone/internet, $200 for my car payment/insurance…it adds up fast! Healthcare premiums are another $150 from my paycheck. I can’t really afford much entertainment beyond $50 per week at most. It’s definitely tight, and I’m having to be really diligent about budgeting and fiscal responsibility. I’m considering getting a roommate to cut down on the biggest cost (housing). Attleboro is great in many ways, but it’s definitely not the most affordable place for an entry-level salary. It’ll get easier as my income rises over time.
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BillnCathyRetirees @billncathyretirees
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We’ve lived in Attleboro for over 30 years, first raising our kids here and now retired. Looking back, it was definitely more affordable in our working years but still manageable on two modest incomes. These days as retirees, we’ve paid off the mortgage but other costs have crept up. Our 3-bed ranch runs about $500 per month for utilities, $400 for groceries, $200 for cable/internet, plus healthcare expenses over $500 monthly despite Medicare (prescriptions add up!). Property taxes are $450. Dining out or entertainment is pretty minimal – maybe $150 total per month. We’re comfortable but not lavish with combined Social Security and a small pension. The costs are far from cheap, especially with our higher healthcare needs, but it’s a place we’re happy to call home even in retirement thanks to smart budgeting and keeping expenses in check over the years.
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SingleBusinessTraveler @singlebusinesstraveler
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My perspective on Attleboro’s cost of living is probably a bit different as I’m constantly traveling for work. I only use my 1-bed downtown apartment a few weeks per month, paying around $1800 in rent. But utilities are super low averaging $75-$100 per month since I’m rarely home. Same for groceries – I mostly eat out on the road for clients, so I spend under $200 monthly at home. No car payment or insurance since I use ride shares. Healthcare is pricey for me as a single guy on an individual plan, probably $350 per month. Flying in/out of Boston can get really expensive too. But the apartment is just an expensive crash pad – my “living” costs are more tied to hotels, restaurants, and flights. So Attleboro itself is relatively reasonable for my needs and income of $95K annually. Just a different lifestyle compared to locals putting down permanent roots.
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