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AndrewA @andrewa
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What’s the typical cost of living in Andover?

Hi everyone, I’m a long-time Andover resident and I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on the cost of living here. I’m a single guy in my early 30s working in tech. I make a decent salary but it seems like costs for things like housing, groceries, and going out have really gone up lately. What has your experience been with major expenses in Andover? I’m looking to get a realistic picture of what I should be budgeting for rent, utilities, transportation, food, entertainment, etc. Any insights would be appreciated!

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FrugalFoodie @frugalfoodie
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Housing is definitely the biggest expense in Andover, especially if you want to live closer to the city center. I pay $2,500 for a modest 1-bedroom apartment downtown, which already eats up a huge chunk of my take-home pay. Groceries can get pricey too – a weekly shopping trip for two people easily runs $100-150 if you factor in meat, produce, and miscellaneous items. Eating out is also quite expensive, with a casual meal for two at a mid-range place costing around $90. I try to cook at home as much as possible to save money. Transportation is manageable if you have a car and the associated costs like gas, insurance, and maintenance. Overall, Andover has a relatively high cost of living, but incomes tend to be higher here too to offset it.
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SoccerMomSusan @soccermomsusan
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As a family of four, our biggest monthly expenses are housing ($3,200 for a 3-bedroom apartment outside the city center), groceries ($800-900), childcare ($1,200 for a preschooler and after-school care for the older one), and activities/entertainment ($400-500 for things like sports, movies, etc.). Utilities like electricity, water, internet, and cell phone plans probably add another $400 or so to our monthly bills. My husband and I both work full-time professional jobs, which is pretty much a necessity to maintain our standard of living in Andover. The area does have great schools and amenities, but you definitely pay a premium for that convenience and quality of life.
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RetiredRobert @retiredrobert
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Since I’m on a fixed retirement income, I’ve found Andover to be quite expensive, especially for housing and healthcare costs. My wife and I rent a modest 2-bedroom apartment for $2,100 per month, and our supplemental Medicare plans, prescriptions, and other medical expenses eat up a huge portion of our budget (probably $800-1,000 per month on average). Groceries, utilities, and occasional entertainment like movies or restaurants also add up quickly. We consciously try to cut costs wherever we can, like cooking at home, keeping our heat/AC very moderate, and finding discounts or free community events. It’s still a financial struggle sometimes. The cost of living in Andover is very high for retirees on limited incomes.
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SarahSaver @sarahsaver
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I actually think the cost of living in Andover is quite reasonable compared to other major cities I’ve lived in. Sure, housing is on the pricier side – I pay $1,800 for a decent 1-bedroom a few miles from the downtown area. But many other costs are relatively affordable. My monthly grocery bill for one person is only around $250-300. Restaurants and entertainment aren’t too crazy either (a movie is only $15!). I drive an older used car but gas, insurance, and maintenance isn’t too bad. And Andover has SO many great free parks, trails, community events, etc. Of course, budgeting and being cost-conscious helps a lot. But overall, I think Andover offers a great quality of life for the price.
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WealthyWill @wealthywill
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From my perspective, the cost of living in Andover is perfectly manageable if you have a solid professional income. My household brings in over $250k annually between my finance job and my wife’s business, so we can afford to live quite comfortably. Our 4-bedroom home in the suburbs set us back $850k, but the mortgage, taxes, and housing costs are just a drop in the bucket for us. We splurge on things like private school for the kids ($30k per year), luxury cars, frequent travel, fancy restaurants, you name it. That said, we’re fiscally disciplined too – we save aggressively, invest wisely, and don’t fall into the trap of runaway lifestyle inflation. Living in Andover affords us access to great jobs, top-notch amenities, and an amazing quality of life overall.
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CollegeKid24 @collegekid24
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Andover is crazy expensive for me as a student! I have a part-time job that covers my basic living expenses like a shared apartment ($800 for my portion of a 2-bedroom), groceries, utilities, etc. But I can barely afford to do anything fun – a meal out with friends, going to bars, concerts, or road trips really eats into my limited budget. I stick to free or cheap entertainment as much as possible like hiking, parks, Netflix, etc. Having a car is also a big burden with gas, insurance, and parking costs. Luckily my parents help out with bigger expenses like tuition. I honestly don’t know how students who have to work full-time and be fully self-sufficient in Andover can make ends meet. The cost of living is just so high here.
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HealthNutHelen @healthnuthelen
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I find that living a healthy lifestyle in Andover is quite pricey. Organic groceries and high-quality meats/produce really add up – my typical weekly shopping runs $150-200. I also pay $100 per month for a gym membership, plus fees for yoga/fitness classes, personal training, etc. That said, Andover does have great parks and recreation areas which allow me to hike, bike, and enjoy the outdoors for free. Healthcare is another big expense though. My family has a high-deductible health insurance plan which costs $800 monthly, plus we pay out-of-pocket for a lot of specialist visits, alternative treatments, etc. It’s an investment, but wellness is a priority for me. Overall, I’d say you need a solidly middle-class income to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle in Andover.
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BargainBetty @bargainbetty
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I have to say, I find the cost of living in Andover quite inflated and exorbitant. It seems like prices for just about everything (housing, food, services, etc.) have an “Andover premium” tacked on. As a very frugal person, it’s been a constant struggle to keep costs down. I drive a beat-up old car, shop at Aldi for groceries, hit up thrift stores, use coupons/discounts religiously, and avoid splurges or extras as much as possible. Even with all those cost-cutting tactics, just covering basic expenses like my $1,450 rent, utilities, gas, and other necessities eats up most of my $45k salary. It’s not easy being cheap and thrifty in Andover – there’s a lot of temptation and peer pressure to spend more. But I manage!
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FoodTruckFan @foodtruckfan
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For young working folks like myself, I think Andover has a fairly reasonable cost of living considering the proximity to the city and access to great amenities. Housing is pricy but manageable if you have roommates or live in one of the surrounding suburbs – my share of a 3-bedroom rental is only $800 per month. Groceries, utilities, cell phone plans, etc. all seem pretty average from what I’ve paid in other areas. The best hack is to take advantage of Andover’s amazing food truck scene! You can get delicious, filling meals for only $8-12 instead of dropping $15-20 per person at a sit-down restaurant. Plus there are always fun free events, outdoor concerts, food festivals and the like going on. I spend most of my disposable income on going out to eat at food trucks, breweries, bars, and live music venues. I earn a decent graphic design salary, but I’m still able to save while thoroughly enjoying Andover’s food/social scene without breaking the bank.
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JaneTheJetSetter @janethejetsetter
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For me, the biggest struggle with the cost of living in Andover is the exorbitant cost of travel and vacations. Everything else is manageable on our household’s six-figure income – mortgage on our townhome, car payments, utilities, dining out, etc. But my husband and I just LOVE to travel, and Andover’s location makes those frequent international jaunts quite pricey. Flights from the local airport are so expensive compared to larger hubs, vacation rentals in Andover are crazy, and we always seem to spend way more than we budget for souvenirs, tours, and indulging in the local cuisine/drinks while away. It’s a first world problem for sure, but the travel spending definitely strains our budget at times despite our otherwise comfortable lifestyle in Andover.
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  • Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages (%), Yearly, for 20 Years Fixed-Rate – 6.74
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